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  1. Do you know what just dawned on me? The similarities between the coral growing industry and marijuana growing industry. They both seem to have a thing for coming up with names like Walt Disney, pineapple Cush, OG, for something that already exists by a proper name. But they’ve figured out a way to cultivate/fine tune that common product in a way that makes it unique from the others. This came to me as I was looking at my tank and realizing I don’t remember/know most of the base SPS names anymore other than the fancier names growers have given them.
  2. It's weird, I'm not having brown jelly on this one. I did lose one a few months back to brown jelly. This one it's as though the animal is expelling itself out of the skeleton. Reminds me of when I've used a scalpel to cut out mushrooms from rocks and they're still just barely hanging on. I need to figure out a better solution to this iPhone 11 camera because it sucks for taking pictures under aquarium lighting.
  3. I’ve wanted one of those pumps forever. PM sent
  4. Is that a coaster, a small notepad, or a small book of puns?
  5. So should I dip, or is it likely bacterial infection that causes these to go downhill like this?
  6. Great looking stand. We use similar extrusions at work to build modular fan walls, and based on that experience I recommend using gussets at the bottom that match the top.
  7. If you can, I think that’s the better solution anyway!
  8. Aha, maybe that’s why I have one left. Must have had another pack to dose three myself. They come in a two pack, so you’re welcome to this one to avoid buying too many
  9. I can see about $5000 worth of holes for frags!
  10. I’ve got milbemax, which I found to be the allowable equivalent when I looked into it. I’ve got (1) pill, sized for dogs greater than 5kg. Well, that all sounds really weird. I used one from the two pack way back when, and it did the trick as I recall. You can have it if you want, but you’ll have to do the research for application
  11. The original coral bandsaw is still the only one that works like a bandsaw. The dremel hobby tool John showed does a back and forth sawing action, which will tear up anything you’re cutting. Bandsaws are a single direction cutting tool. Nothing else comes close
  12. My $0.02 is to not use any old rock that has the hair algae on it. I was in your same boat with my 90G before upgrading to my 150G over the summer. I bought a bunch of clean rock and started over with only a couple pieces of my old rock. I also did the new tank snake oil quick starter stuff, but make sure not to do that if you're using live sand. Knock on wood, my system is running clean as a whistle and actually a little too low on nutrients now at times.
  13. I have to tell you I’m really beginning to wish for simpler products. Say a Radion with a hard wired on/off switch and a couple rheostat dials for color and intensity. That is definitely something I miss about my old Kessils.
  14. How about now? For battery backup, might as well make it lithium ion instead of those dreaded lead acid batteries that these come with.
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