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Manny’s 150g Waterbox

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Looks nice, got a 45.2 the other day, same deal all the panels are damaged. Were all your screws a grip length too short and made of chinesium? Also did you replace the overflow seals and gaskets? I'm now worried that all the stock hardware is crap grade and I really dont want those to leak.

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i did mine, it is stupid easy. the include a device to measure the center of a circle. It literally took 20 minutes to drill, wire and install it. I went with the monkeyboy skim jug 2000. lasts a

OCD people...you may take a look now

I guess it’s time start my new tank build official thread. Will keep updating as I go.    Received my tank today. One box was torn up and unfortunately one of the panel needs to be replaced.

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Started the cycle this morning. Two blocks of marine pure media that have been cycling for 3 months, a table spoon of ammonia and a bottle full of biospira. Ordered two more bottles of biospira. I dose ammonia daily for three days and the ammonia level the next day is usually zero. 


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Rocking the chaeto! Cool light, cool build, keep it up. What did you secure your aquascape with? Cheers, following.


Super cool scape too! That one on the left is like some demented christmas tree.


I have some of that tonga rock in one of my tanks too! looks cool , but a pia for sure when it comes to adding frags...especially corals that like to spread out. Oh well, rack it up as another reefer concern hahaha.


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25 minutes ago, Manny Tavan said:

I told myself no coral in this tank for at least 6 months...that didn’t last long. Couldn’t help myself especially since the red sea 170 is full of nice corals to chose from




I put corals in my tank 2 months after cycling with no regrets, so I don't blame you!  Looking good. 👍

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