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  1. Yeah I sent you a PM but I’ll shoot ya a text
  2. Awesome thank you Now just looking for one more
  3. Looking for 2 of the gen 4 xr15 tank mounts for my reefer Edit: found one, looking for 1 more
  4. I use this, grows so fast I have to trim weekly and it's crazy cheap for how well it works. https://www.amazon.com/ACKE-Lights-Spectrum-Lights,Growing-Hydropoincs/dp/B01LX1EO3W/ref=sr_1_39?dchild=1&keywords=refugium+light&qid=1606539658&sr=8-39
  5. Have a reefer 300xl, 36" tank with an easy sump. Great tank and easy to take care of, I only run some filter floss, a refugium and turn my skimmer on for a couple days every other week. Easiest tank I've ever had and looks amazing.
  6. With a 50k budget I’d have something custom built. Have professionals install everything and set it all up your man cave. Could probably get everything you need and done for 20-25k. Then hire a local reef shop to maintain it, a tank that size is a big time commitment and with that kind of budget I’d rather enjoy my tank than maintenance it.
  7. Something small with an external overflow preferred, 18x18x8 would be ideal. Stand would be cool but not required, want to tie into one of my other tanks.
  8. Just wanted to thank @Micah Had a Nero 5 pump take out one of my onyx clowns in a new softie tank I setup and he 3D printed me some guards. Work great!
  9. Ah okay, was hoping you had a new build for us in the new house 😂
  10. 50 on the Goniopora 55 on space chaos 30 on hornets
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