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  1. Well I attempted to get back in, I just flat out don’t have the time or desire to add another thing to my to do list. This setup is dialed. Turn key system with plenty of room to add corals of your liking. Not interested in parting this one out. If it doesn’t sell complete I will just continue to do weekly changes and look at it once or twice a week 😂 Included in the setup Waterbox 20 aio rimless ultra clear Waterbox 20 black stand Marine depot controller board Kessil a160we with angle mount Kessil light controller Innovative marine minimax reactor Hanna checkers and salinity checker Inkbird temp controller Cobalt neo therm 100w Innovative marine dc return pump with controller Auto xp aqua ato Innovative marine ato resivoir Auto aqua secruity overflow protection sensor Reef glass protein skimmer plus air pump Jebao sl-10 wavemaker with controller x2 Kraken reef premium lid with feeder hole Kraken reef feeder cup neon green Kraken reef pump cover neon green Intank media basket chamber 1 Flipper aquatics nano algae scaper Flipper aquatics coral viewer Polyplab kit for photos Kraken reef glasses for coral viewing Eshoppes alpha frag rack orange Eshoppes feeder 2 orange wavemaker covers Vivid aquatics random flow generator salifert test kits Red sea test kits Intank foam Coral feeders Foods Chemicals 5 gallon IM ATO reservoir bucket tropic marin pro salt Water change system with pump And anything else I’m forgetting. livestock one typical Nemo clown black and white clown bubble tip nem blastos purple hammer A few other misc corals price is 900 for everything. The tank, stand, light and ATO were more than my asking price. You’re in a sense getting all other equipment, test kits, livestock, salt, etc for free 😊 my cell is 5032674537 shoot me a text and I can send photos I’m having trouble getting them to upload from my phone right now. I’m in Oregon city
  2. This big pile takes up nearly the entire garage, then I had to cram my daughters 80 in there 😂 I need a bigger house hahaha
  3. If my garage had any space I’d snag it because I know I’ll be upgrading soon 😂
  4. Love those fish!!! I’m stopping by there today as well! Glad to see you’re back with a tank as well. 😊
  5. Free to the first person that wants it and shows up! I’m in Oregon city, it’s about the size of the palm of my hand when it’s opened. There are 2 of them that I’m giving away.
  6. I was going to go with a bigger tank but decided to start with a smaller one until maybe winter. Light functions as it should, fires up instantly and includes 10 bulbs total. Also has the hanging kit still on it. THE BAD one line on the display is out and one fan needs replaced (very cheap fix for the fan) 200 bucks firm. I’m in Oregon city. Not looking for trades at the moment.
  7. What are the details on the tank setup? Would you sell everything as a package? Tank, lights, corals etc?
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