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  1. I wish I would have known when I was in earlier today. Please save me a piece. Thanks.
  2. That answer is yes but I think the original manufacture date was around 2009 or so. The older wet sides had rebuild kits but those are no longer available and entire wet side assemblies must be purchased ($78.00). I don't know what the lifespan of these new wet sides are. I replaced my original drivers with EcoSmart drivers years ago and they are both still working. I had one motor seize up after I dropped it in the tank (bought a used replacement from a member here and it is also at least 10 years old). I have also had to replace one power supply that went bad. I will probably upgrade to
  3. My dry side motors are original but I have the second generation ES drivers and one new Quiet Drive wet side and one original wet side. Since you don't really know what is the issue it may be wise to go with something new. If you knew for sure that a new driver would work, it wouldn't be too expensive to go that route also (new generation parts work with older models). It's a tough call. I really like my vortechs but I haven't ever tried a gyre.
  4. What type of Cardinal?
  5. I'm sure you have tried this but make sure the it is making good contact with the pin in socket. I know some one of mine has to be exactly right or it won't work. I also had some of those original drivers die on me.
  6. Here's my final update. It has grown a little and the color has basically stayed the same from day one. It never has had very good polyp extension but I don't have a frag rack and have been moving it around quite often. I also don't have a good camera to capture the true colors or get a very clear picture so this is it.
  7. I would like to get in line please.
  8. Checking back one more time to see if someone might have an old one laying around. I have a lead on one but I'm hoping to find one closer to Oregon City.
  9. I'm interested in that bubblegum digitata if it's still available and possibly the no name millepora.
  10. Does anyone have an older working Ecotech Vortech MP40 wet side laying around? Let me know what you want for it. Thanks.
  11. I'm wondering the same thing. I see 10 people bid before I even hear the number.
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