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  1. Awesome build, looks great. Are you going to run a custom program on your lights or one of your pre programmed ones?
  2. Good luck with the transfer. It may be just the camera angle but your new 42 gallon tanks looks much bigger than your old 40 gallon Nuvo.
  3. Please put me back in line. We have new lights on two different tanks. Thanks.
  4. My eyes are burning. Awesome stuff as usual, maybe slightly more awesome than usual.
  5. I would definitely borrow the generator if the power is going to be out that long. Plan for the worst case scenario like if they run into problems and your power is off for more than one day. Plug a power strip into the generator to run your return pump, heater and wave makers.
  6. I think they are colonial hydroids although I'm far from an expert. I have the in my tank also that came in on some gulf live rock.
  7. I swear I'm there three times a week lately. My wife is going to divorce me if I spend any more time or money there. On top of my spending, my daughter just bought a Red Sea tank for an upgrade so we both are addicted now.
  8. There is so much awesome stuff in the store right now it's almost overwhelming. I would encourage everyone to stop by and see the incredible selection that is currently available.
  9. So you picked that up. I already spent too much on clams or I would have seriously thought about it. Very nice score.
  10. No problem. She will be happy about that. Thank you.
  11. You missed PNWaquatics. She requested one on the 10th and was 3rd in line on the 13th.
  12. Use real live rock (florida is about the only option left) and you will basically have an instant cycle. I realize that it is expensive and there are there are some unwanted hitch hikers but the bio diversity that you start out with makes the start up so much easier. I've started up many tanks over the last 25 years and I've used both live and dry rock and I would never start up another tank with dry rock again.
  13. That's very impressive! Nice job on the new tank.
  14. Great guy to deal with. My daughter bought some zoanthids and is very happy with them.
  15. I don't have any experience with that skimmer but I do use the AquaticLife 115 on my 50 gallon lagoon. There really is no skimmer that can handle 50 gallons that can fit in one of the chambers but I feel that the AL 115 does a very good job and it only costs $43.00.
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