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Manny’s 150g Waterbox

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i did mine, it is stupid easy. the include a device to measure the center of a circle. It literally took 20 minutes to drill, wire and install it. I went with the monkeyboy skim jug 2000. lasts a

OCD people...you may take a look now

I guess it’s time start my new tank build official thread. Will keep updating as I go.    Received my tank today. One box was torn up and unfortunately one of the panel needs to be replaced.

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Since it's shipped UPS I'd wouldn't be surprised if it was in transit. I ALWAYS ask for FedEx if it's an option. I've had stuff extremely well packed, bubble wrapped, box in box and when I get it, destroyed. By UPS. FedEx, never a problem. It's the way they get paid, I swear. That said, most don't understand ground shipping and how stuff is packed. It's bounced around on trucks with big items. Ask for double boxing, at least on the edges as that's where a drop will damage items the most. Bubble wrap is a joke and newspaper works better, ask for solid foam or better yet, spray foam. Just like I experienced, these companies just don't care and do the bare minimum. Even when it costs them more in the long run.

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1 hour ago, Manny Tavan said:

Stand is finally in one piece and leveled. I was wondering how far from the wall people set their tank up. It’s currently 4” off the wall. My current 34g tank is like 2” off the wall and It makes it hard to work behind it. 

I have my Reefer XL 425 about 3.5" from the wall.  That gives me just enough room to reach behind it if necessary, but I wish I gave it about another 1/2" like you did.

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These made the work much easier. Hired 3 construction workers that were working on a house down the street to move the tank.  With the four us it was easy. If anyone wants to borrow the suction cup handles let me know. They worked flawlessly and I have 6 of them






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