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Blue Z Reef

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8 hours ago, pdxmonkeyboy said:

maxxisun 300w led... ebay. its not 300w though. $80 it is insanity!!

kessil... hah!!

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Totally, if I get a kessil it is not going to grow stuff that I throw away by the garbage bag full, just sayin... :)

Seriously, I slapped a couple D120s over the fuge after watching the BRS video.  For at least six months I would throw away kitchen garbage bags full of the stuff.  Now it has tapered off, perhaps my nutrients were whipped down into submission.


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so my chaeto used to grow like crazy but now even with nitrates of 10 and phos of 0.1 it just won't grow

I did dose fluconazole back in September. Is it possible that the chaeto I have was damaged by the fluconazole and can no longer grow effectively. It's still growing but extremely slow. Probably went from baseball size to softball size in two months. I'm using the H80 also 

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4 minutes ago, H20cooled said:

I don't have any cheato but I have a bunch of various green Caulerpa (leaf and grape), and some nice red macros in my fuge if you want to come by and get some. I'm in Milwaukie area.


Yeah could I???


text me if you do not mind 503-niner2niner-875four

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