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Chaeto/Macro share

Blue Z Reef

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I thought we should start a sticky thread for those ready to do some trimming and wouldn't mind giving it away to someone looking to start or add on to their current fuge.


Given that most are wanting to do some trimming asap, please be curtious of this and try to contact and pickup quickly.


I'll start, it's that time again!


Variety: Chaeto and Fern Caulerpa available

Amount: 1-2 baseball size amounts

Location: Vancouver

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This is awesome! im setting up a new tank, with a refugium, and was actually calling local shops for some good macro-algae! I will surely need some very soon, and will happily take some off your hands!

:) thanks guys!

let me know if you guys want anything for trade or anything...

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Have chaeto again about a big softball size to give away. Maybe even a little larger. I moved it from my refugium and is in my tank for now. Let me know if anyone wants it or anyone wants to trade for some other macro algae for my nano

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