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  1. From https://www.clearviewlids.com/ They are really nice and do a great job of stopping jumpers!
  2. Trigger ATO Reservoir SOLD
  3. Selling off my used SCA starfire 66 Gallon reef tank setup. This tank is used, it has some scratches on the inside of the tank and the outside but the tank is very solid and sound. The stand is one that I built, it was build extra long and has room under it for a large sump and an equipment/electrical area on the end of it. It is not in perfect condition and could use a touch up on paint but it is not damage or broken. The bottom of the tank has a starboard attached to it. the background of the tank is black, the overflow box is a newer acrylic with a cover. Plumbing is all included for
  4. Items: 2, 3, 12, & 13 pending sale!
  5. Frag rack and probe holder SOLD
  6. I need to get rid of these items make me an offer and we can come up with a good deal, I have other items that I can through in to make it better.
  7. Both Hanna Testers SOLD Frag tool SOLD Ammino's SOLD
  8. Hanna DKH tester, fragging tool, and Ammino pending sale!
  9. I still have a number of items that need to sell. If you are interested please let me know. Brightwell Aquatics Coral Amino, 2 bottles not expired but open both pretty full. SOLD PE Pellets fish food, Coral Frenzy, reef chili, and more. SOLD Salifert Flatworm eXit, DR. G's coral dip, F-Aiptasia killer. SOLD Mag Rack Pro frag rack SOLD Frag tool. SOLD IM Auqa Gadget Custom Cradle XL probe holder. SOLD Cobalt Aquatics MJ1200 powerhead. $25 Marineland 1200 powerhead. $15 Hanna Instruments DKH Tester with extra solution. SOLD Hanna Instru
  10. I still have the Trigger Reservoir forsale for $100. BRS Dual Media reactors & Co2 Scrubber for $65 Soda Lime for Co2 scrubber (21.5 lbs) for $40. SKIMZ DLC4 dosing Reservoir for $50. Everything is OBO.
  11. This is the Dual media reactor and the Universal Co2 scubber (I also have media for it) I would done $65 for the pair and $40 for the media (its 21.5lbs) If you get the whole setup I do $100.
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