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Cuttlefish Ten Dollar Blasto Blowout!!!

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Last one tonight but it’s a good one !!


How about a beautiful blastomussa !

Only ten dollars for a frag !!

These tend to be slower growers than acans and I have never seen them for ten dollars a head!

Who is in?!!:YayWave:


1. Damonster paid 

2. Flash paid 

3.Vance paid 

4.Hernandezj paid

5. Robblevins **

6. MannyTavan paid 

7. Krux paid 

8. Julie paid 

9. Snappy paid 

10.Householdofawholelottapayne Paid

**alternate payment arrangements  

Alternates: Nick , Knuckledragger, Richard972, Albertareef, Derbird

Alternate to the alternates just for kicks BadxGillen (always the bridesmaid's bridesmaid never the bride) and pulling up the rear because his back is turned because he manually doses Mandinga




10 spots and 5 alternate spots 

Must be present at party May 5 to pick up

frags will be prebagged and randomly selected. 

Post in this thread and I will go by time stamp

Pay by Thursday May 2 2019 at 8pm. If you do not pay by then your spot goes to an alternate.

Paypal is evry1has1@gmail.com

please write your forum name in the PayPal .

if you don’t have PayPal pm me about making payment arrangements:

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