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  1. I believe it is a 6gal biocube. Originally had a fluorescent bulb, but I retrofitted it with a AI Prime HD built into the hood. Price includes a torch that has 13 heads, one head octospawn, and a green mushroom. 250obo
  2. Marine Depot 5 stage water purifier HM Digital Duel TDS meter Pressure gauge Replacement filters unopened 20 gallon brute food grade can with spigot and float shutoff. I used it on a stand for RODI 20 gallon brute food grade can on roller used for mixing and transporting saltwater to tank from RODI bin Half a bucket of Red Sea coral pro salt $200 (503)863-4971
  3. Bump price drop to $150. Get it before the sunshine comes back!
  4. It’s a petco 10gal https://www.petco.com/shop/en/petcostore/product/aqueon-standard-glass-aquarium-tank-10-gallon
  5. Comes with everything that you need for QT fish before adding to your display. I have a variety of other fish gear your welcome to pick through for free while your here. Running coral only nano, no need for this anymore. $40
  6. Good condition worked great I just stepped down to a nano and no longer have a use for it. Does not have a heater inside the unit. But does have a plug on the side so the thermostat can control a heater. $150
  7. Used for about 3 months then I stepped down to a nano tank. Do not have a use for this anymore. Was working perfect when I took the tank down. I have a back up bulb that comes with it that has not been used $200
  8. That was my thought immediately also hahaha
  9. Same I'm pretty sure I got 2 heads at the meeting and now I'm up to 10!
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