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  1. Bump! Open to offers and maybe trades. The worst I can say is no thank you!
  2. PM sent on blood shrimp, banded shrimp, yellow tang and cleaner wrasse.
  3. BUMP! Still have the Radion Light with mount, the refugium light and the MP10. Open to offers but interested in trades also.
  4. Congratulations to the winners and thank you for all the work on the raffle!
  5. Two free tickets for the Icecap Gyre 2K please. Thank you!
  6. Have had my Reefer 350 set up for awhile now so I am selling off all of the stuff I had for my smaller tank, including selling the tank. No shipping. Everything is cleaned and ready to go. I will add to the post as I find more stuff. Traded - First up is a CAD Lights 42G aquarium with screen top, black stand, original sump and a custom sump I made to allow much more room and large center/refugium section. There are some minor scratches on the tank but in overall good condition. The tank has a corner overflow/return. The stand is in good condition overall. It will also come with a filter s
  7. Two member tickets for the generator! Thank you.
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