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  1. First time I have had aptasia in my system and they are popping up all over. Does anyone sell Berghia Nudibranchs locally or does anyone have a lead on a good supply that are not ridiculously priced?
  2. All items sold or traded. Mods please close. Thank you.
  3. So way back in college I had a lion fish that would only eat live food. I was into fishing at the time and realized that the same concepts in fishing would probably work to get my lion to eat. I clipped a fish hook so that it only had the eye and a small part of the straight shank left. I tied it to fishing line and then took a piece of shrimp and pushed it onto the small shank of what was the fish hook. I lowered it in the water and used the line to make the shrimp piece twitch up an down. He immediately took interest and then grabbed the shrimp. I pulled the line as he grabbed it so the little metal piece pulled out of his mouth but left the shrimp. I did this a few times and from then on he would eat almost anything I put in the tank.
  4. Bump. Tank had a bit of a crash so not looking for coral trades right now.
  5. Calibration will occur soon! Hopefully this weekend. I am hopeful to see it make some corrections.
  6. I will take a look at the tubes when I get home tonight. I have checked the tubes as I put the tray in several times now though. The calibration has not been run yet because it has not been run long enough from start up.
  7. ALK is showing 8.41 but has not fully settled yet. It has been been rising each test since I started the Trident Sunday night. It seems to be stabilizing around the 8.4 number on the last couple of tests. I was thinking the same thing that the ALK should not be that high if CAL is so high. My Hannah ALK checker showed 8.8 on the 28th, just a few days ago before setting up the Trident.
  8. So it was a collapsed waste line. Apparently this not to uncommon out of the box as I found multiple others online with the same issue. Flushed the line while rubbing between my fingers along the length of it and it started flowing through. I took the cover off and cleaned everything up and reconnected the tube that had popped off with tweezers, which is apparently what they were going to have me do in the support call. After running the initial setup again it finally started working and appears to be settling in on readings. The calcium shows way high at 655 but I posted a new thread about that issue.
  9. I finally got my Apex Trident up and running and it is reporting CAL at 655! I have been testing with Red Sea CAL test and it shows about 420-430. I talked to Neptune support and they said the readings were coming back consistently around that range so they suspect it is the Red Sea kit that is wrong. The kit is not expired and is easily read so I question that. Has anyone else experienced their Trident showing similar high calcium as compared to other test kits?
  10. I agree. It looks like the tube should be pushed on the black plastic nipple like the others.
  11. It looks like everything is hooked up I think. Here is a pic.
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