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  1. You have an artist's touch
  2. Please be patient here. Even if your TDS is low you don't know what's in it. Could be things like copper, arsenic, lead, ect. I made this mistake on my first tank (TDS were around 20) and came to truly regret it.
  3. Thank you Sir Jeff. Can't wait to see it grow 😎
  4. I would love a frag if one is available
  5. Derbird

    Torch spawning...??

    Very cool, thanks for sharing
  6. Grandma bought me this beautiful Tounge coral from Cuttlefish 😎 It's so nice when family is involved in your hobby
  7. After my heater disaster I need advice on how to move forward. All fish are gone as well as most inverts. SPS is also gone Some LPS and softies are still alive but angry. I have a little 5 gallon to use as a rescue tank but can I just throw the surviving corals and inverts in there with no bio filter? Also can I save my main system from whatever the heater released or do I have to start over.
  8. Tonight my heart is broken. I bought a larger heater a while back to get ready for cooler weather. Come home today to a cold tank with angry corals. Freaking out I reach in to see what's up and zap. The heater has exploded in the sump. Large water change and some clean up done. So far I have lost my cleaner shrimp and my clown I have had for over ten years is gasping on the sand. I have seen no sign of my royal gramma. Corals and inverts are not looking great. I don't even know what to think right now....
  9. Hello all, I had a scary moment last night. Some of my SPS and LPS corals didn't look all that happy. I did some tests and my parameters we normal so I figured a water change would be best. I put my hand in the tank and the water was cold.... 71 degrees cold I checked my 75 watt heater and the light was on but it is barely warm. After work I'm going to get 2 50 watt heaters to replace it. My question is how much time should I take to raise the temperature? I know I shouldn't just raise it to 79 😃 Thank you for your tim
  10. Very interesting, I'm surprised there isn't more detritus build up after a year. Thank you for sharing
  11. The ones ment for human consumption will usually have a small amount of oils from the manufacturing process, even if they are 100% seaweed. I used to use them whe I ran out of the "fish" stuff. The Skimmer would do some overtime but I never saw any ill effects
  12. I have a bucket head from home depot. A little shop vac that attaches to a bucket. It's about $26.
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