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  1. I believe it is a 6gal biocube. Originally had a fluorescent bulb, but I retrofitted it with a AI Prime HD built into the hood. Price includes a torch that has 13 heads, one head octospawn, and a green mushroom. 250obo
  2. Marine Depot 5 stage water purifier HM Digital Duel TDS meter Pressure gauge Replacement filters unopened 20 gallon brute food grade can with spigot and float shutoff. I used it on a stand for RODI 20 gallon brute food grade can on roller used for mixing and transporting saltwater to tank from RODI bin Half a bucket of Red Sea coral pro salt Just want the space in storage back (503)863-4971
  3. Bump price drop to $150. Get it before the sunshine comes back!
  4. It’s a petco 10gal https://www.petco.com/shop/en/petcostore/product/aqueon-standard-glass-aquarium-tank-10-gallon
  5. Comes with everything that you need for QT fish before adding to your display. I have a variety of other fish gear your welcome to pick through for free while your here. Running coral only nano, no need for this anymore. $40
  6. Good condition worked great I just stepped down to a nano and no longer have a use for it. Does not have a heater inside the unit. But does have a plug on the side so the thermostat can control a heater. $150
  7. Used for about 3 months then I stepped down to a nano tank. Do not have a use for this anymore. Was working perfect when I took the tank down. I have a back up bulb that comes with it that has not been used $200
  8. That was my thought immediately also hahaha
  9. Same I'm pretty sure I got 2 heads at the meeting and now I'm up to 10!
  10. I have had this 170 for the last 11 months, I am the 2nd keeper of the reef. I got it dry and reused the bagged sand there is about 40lbs there. The glass is not flawless, I am OCD and those things bother me. I am still able to enjoy this amazing tank. Most are located near the sand bed on the side. I transfered the rock from another tank that I had going for about 18 months before this set up. I have removed a lot of my favored corals to go into the tank that is keeping me in the hobby. I would say the value in this purchase is in the equipment, not the livestock. I am open to parting out, I know I can make more that way but prefer a quick sale to keep everything alive and happy while we purchase a new house and transition our lives. EQUIPMENT> Red Sea 170 Max Hydra 26HD Nero 5 wave maker Trigger Ruby Cube Sump 20g 170max protein skimmer relocated to sump. Innovative Marine Fuge light Oceanic 1/6hp chiller Aqua Ultraviolet Classic 57 Watt Unit, 2", Black UV Filter JBJ Auto top off unit Vectra M1 pump 4 stage rodi w/water saver added chamber 2 30gal brutes w/roller for water change various pumps for water change 10 gal qt Mostly white but some blue spectrum LED light for qt Livestock> Yellow tip green torch 2 heads 12" Rainbow bubble anemone various zoas, ricadoras attached to rock GPS on back wall and part of rock. Blue digi monte large Green slimer growing good blue clam 2" Varius snails couple different shrimp Tamani Tang Fairy Wrasse Sand sifting star $1200obo
  11. New location maybe has less flow, meaning less food?
  12. Share the love! First time ive seen this idea!
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