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  1. Well, I have come crawling out of my shell and back on to the PNWMAS yet again. Thanks to my good friend Andy B. I have acquired a frag for this grow out competition. The first picture is probably the most accurate being out of the water and I am getting a reading/measurement of I would say, 1 inch even... And yes, in case you don't believe your eyes, my fingers really are that fat! My frag is an anomaly as it was numbered #99, even though there were not that many cuts to begin with... Almost as if it is from another time line, or even the Future! I dipped it for a long time so it has yet to be happy with me and shown me it's polyps, but I am optimistic over time she will give me a peak of her pink Cadillac loveliness. I stuck this in a 120 gallon grow out lagoon of mine. hand dosing B-Ionic 2 part solution daily. old school koralia swirl this shallow tank at about 6000 gallons an hour. lighting is a hodge podge of black box, AI prime HDs, and Daniels BOMB Reefi Uno's! parameters generally fall into the KH-7, PH-8ish,Calc-420-460, NO3-5-, and I haven't checked phosphate in over a year probably. not only does this tank have no controller, doser, or any timers whatsoever, it also has no heater, so only the strong survive!... Actually, there are tons and tons of beautiful healthy corals growing in there but I have a knack for flying by the seat of my pants as many people will a test to. Oh yeah, Thank you all for having me aboard, much appreciated! And sorry about the bad cell phone pics and blue saturation, I was running a bit late to the deadline here.
  2. Probably a Dadanus Megistos, the breaker of reef worlds, stripping all life from the very rocks beneath its feet. Want your tank to start from scratch all over again? This is your ticket. Very cool looking though, I have seen bright oranges and yellows out there.
  3. So with Coral Reef Tankers going from 5 to 10 polyps and Snappy growing 6 from 3 means we have two contestants who made a doubling growth rate for their frag. Basically we have two winners and I cannot think of a tie breaker, so... Prize corals for all! I will see what frag packs we can offer these Acan Farmers here. You two have preferences between SPS, LPS, Zoas, or softies, maybe an assortment?
  4. I hate to say it folks, but this is the last month of the grow out... I also regret to inform my Acan looks like poo. I will send some terrible cell phone shots but ultimately I went from 2.5 polyps to 5 sickly looking heads. Needles to say that after the competition I will be moving these corals out and into a different system... That is unless Coral reefTankers and Snappy will divulge his secrets to success.
  5. Dang Man!!! I gotta take some Acan growing lessons from you, those look Great!
  6. It is the last day for Acan updates! So far it is looking like some nice competition growing in, lets keep it up.
  7. I apologize about the late reminder but life has been a bit "off" for me lately... That being said, we need to see some continuing contestants if possible. I am about up to 5 polyps as of now. AAAWWWwww Yeah!
  8. Ahhh... The Oscar throws a wrench in things per say. Usually they leave the Plecos alone but if the cichlid wants to hound the catfish it may be just as bad as having a larger substitute. I didnt realize you already had a large aggresive cichlid in tank already. That being said, I have a few medium sized Ancistrus that might work if you have aquarium coverage, but nothing large per say.
  9. I can certainly get some started corals out your way but I am in Corvallis. You pay shipping and the frags are free.
  10. I have a source for some amazing recesive albino gene Ancistrus Placostomus that dont get large and look great. But I might take Andrew up on his home grown bristle nose plecos.
  11. Everyones frags look great! Dont forget this is the last day of the month to post up you update photos, which is quite often the means of disqualification.
  12. And just so you all know, the pot is sweet with a LPS frag pack for the winner. I will see if I can get some photos of the prizes as it sounds like a sweet batch of corals.
  13. So it is that time again, you know what I mean, post it up time... Nothing to see here folks, just a few heads of acans, slow growing LPS. They have definately healed up and increased in size, but not numbers.
  14. Well fiddle sticks! Looks like a small group of contestants made it through the recent worldly issues. Let's see were we all stand now...
  15. A little late to my update but here is my little frag doing just dandy.
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