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  1. I have a list of equipment I would like to get rid of all prices are obo pictures can be made avaliable at request. I will be updating this as I think of other things I have for sale radion xr15 g4 with diffuser and rms mount 300 ocean revive light not sure on model 50 flipper scraper for up to 1/2" 25 2x reefi pendent lights with mounts 100 ea IM lagoon 25 with custom stand classic apex IM ghost skimmer IM uv light IM media basket IM mighty jet 538gph return 5 gallon ato container and hydor ato 400 jaebo 3 head dosing pump 45 maxspect gyre xf230 with contro
  2. I'm out in banks now we could probably work something out.
  3. I am breaking down my tank and looking to get rid of the rest of my live stock I have 2 larger trocus snails 2 large mexican turbo snails a narsirus snail or two possibly an emerald crab he is good at hiding and a fighting conch. also 2 headed toadstool green polyps
  4. I posted up this calcium reactor a few days ago looking to get 50 obo
  5. I have this PM calcium reactor up for grabs would like to get 50 dollars for it if possible also have 1 Texas storm clown I would like to get 30 dollars for pending pick up
  6. Was great too see you Holly its always a pleasure! Your fish room is always stunning my father law was very impressed!
  7. sorry didn't see your response until now
  8. I can't pick it up until next weekend but if you have pics I can pay ahead of time
  9. I am interested in the dos if it's still available
  10. I'm interested but can only pick up on the weekend
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