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  1. Purchased a nuvo 30L with the intention of setting another tank up. Plans have changed since then so it's taking up room and the wife wants it gone. Tank Stand Return pump Have a light for it that the white channels went out on. It's an orphek atlantik v4 Gen 2 compact. I'll be in Portland this weekend and can bring it with me. Asking $250
  2. Great thank you! I will definitely take it.
  3. If it will fit a G4 I will take it. Thank you so much.
  4. Looking for 1 or 2 diffusers for the xr15.
  5. They are both black which I forgot to mention
  6. Hey! Were you interested in both?
  7. Testing the waters to see if anyone would be interested in 2 AI Prime HDs. Have original boxes and both come with the rigid AI tank mounts.
  8. Will be in town tomorrow. Had 2 singles sold and people backed out. Asking 100pp to get them into new homes
  9. Also have a sunkist, baby rainbow devil, Maui wowie mushroom.
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