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  1. This works great and easy to fill. Moving out of state trying to reduce the amount of breakable stuff. Great condition. innovative marine link to the product https://www.innovative-marine.com/shop/HydroFill™-Ti-ATO-Water-Reservoir-5-Gallon-p184824865
  2. I'm moving out of state and consolidating my equipment. I have a trident that I used for a year that I'm looking to sell for $400 and it comes with 2 of the 2 month supply Trident reagent kits that I'm selling. First come first serve no holds.
  3. Both Radions have been sold. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  4. These are Gen3 radions that were upgraded from Gen1. They had about 1 year of use on them after they were upgraded to G3. I am the original owner, I did not buy the G1s used. I upgraded to G4s about a year ago and these have been just sitting in my garage and I'm doing some tidying up. I'm located in Hillsboro
  5. Please send me a private message if you're interested in a frag.
  6. My Miami Hurricane chalice was about the size of a dinner plate and I needed to free up some space. I have about 10 nice size frags around 1" at only $10 each for club members. First come first serve. I'm located in Hillsboro, see the video below of the mother colony. Miami Hurricane Chalice.mp4
  7. PM Sent, I'd like to come over and pick out some stuff
  8. Here's a quick update for July, still happy and encrusting.
  9. There appears to be plenty of tissue around the outside rim of the skeleton, acclimate it following Rudy's suggestion and you should be completely fine. Overall, that looks like a very healthy torch!
  10. I recently added a redsea reefer 650 peninsula (63" long, 25.2" wide, 23.6" high) to my tank "collection" and it's great. I just wish I would have knocked out a wall or two and added an addition onto my house so I could go about 800 gallons larger.
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