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Share the Pods!


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Normally i will do this when i have a few bottles left, this time the winner can come and get a fresh pick . Here's how it will work.....You must be able to pick up your won bottle by this Sunday.  Comment below " Share the Pods " in what ever fashion you would like. Once there are 12 commenters below ( or Friday at 6:00pm ) i will do a drawing via Random.org

If there are 15 or more commenters i will do 2 drawings  

Good Luck!


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2 hours ago, HereFishy said:

Thank you so much!! Trying to figure out whether there will be time this morning, but most likely it’ll be tomorrow morning for me as well!

I'm here till 5pm on the weekends :)

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44 minutes ago, wayboi said:

share them pods palease

The contest has ended but i will do more in the future. I tell you what wayboi.....if you visit today or tomorrow i will give you a bottle for free just because :)


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