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  1. I'm in happy valley and have a lot available as well. $10 frags
  2. I'll take one. Please and thank you. 😁
  3. looking for a replacement pump for my mixing station, ideally around the 1000gph mark. Also looking for a submersible pump that is capable of pushing 1500gph. Let me know what you've got. Semi local to Portland please.
  4. I've got a pair black barrels available. Was looking for $25 each.
  5. Being connected like that, I'd lean towards hydroids, but that doesnt look like any I've seen before.
  6. I was able to borrow another Par meter, so you can take me off of the list. Thanks.
  7. I've got a couple available, but I'm up in the Portland area...
  8. Anyone have any of the older model Radion diffusers available for the XR30? Hit me up if so. Love the lights, hate the defracted shimmer.
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