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  1. Ive got one looking for a new home if anyone is interested
  2. The fact that this started right after changing the lights tells you what you need to know. He will likely settle back down
  3. I'd say you're right about the reflection that you don't get with the orpheks, as those don't have the same spread.
  4. No. They will push the fish away from the territory it staked, but they are far too slow to catch a healthy fish. Its possible at night, but I'd be surprised if he caught and ate a healthy fish.
  5. Ive had them in every tank ive ever owned and they have never caught fish. They will scavenge dead fish though.
  6. I'm in happy valley and have a lot available as well. $10 frags
  7. I'll take one. Please and thank you. 😁
  8. looking for a replacement pump for my mixing station, ideally around the 1000gph mark. Also looking for a submersible pump that is capable of pushing 1500gph. Let me know what you've got. Semi local to Portland please.
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