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  1. 24x24x20high black cabinet no sump plumbing and locline returns included upgraded my tank and dont need this. all u need is a sump $180
  2. Had a lot of calls and texts. Its gone
  3. Upgraded to waterbox. Nothing wrong with it. 2 ft cube 19” tall tank Stand and sump and plumbing its in battleground. 971-570-7536
  4. I took the clown to cuttlefish.
  5. I have had this clownfish for 1 1/2 years. Im going to take it in to an LFS unless someone wants it here. let me know what you got To trade mainly sps / lps or $60 cash im in se vancouver
  6. This came with my tank. I used it for 9 months and no issues. $140
  7. Kessil A360W e-series tuna blue with gooseneck and controller. everything works. $200
  8. Just split. Pic of the split and mother rose. $80
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