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  1. You guys seem to be a pretty handy couple. I looked for a white stand all over the place for that tank and I couldn’t find it for a good price. I considered making my stand and drilling the tank as well, but I was not sure I would be able to make mine as nice as this. I hope that you decide to keep it. I wish you better luck next time…
  2. Really sorry to hear that. If you don’t mind me saying, don’t part with your system. When you have the patience and finances it will be a lot easier to get back in. Also, you don’t need to get fancy stuff. Getting a bunch of chromis and a couple of softies would not break the bank. Just saying…:) by the way I loved your cabinet. Did you make it yourself? Also is the tank an aqueon 75 gallon? Did you drill it yourself?
  3. It is a 4x2x2 tank. My stocking wishlist is: 5 blue/green chromis 5 dispar anthias 3 yellow tangs(biota) or (1 yellow tang, 1 kole tang, 1 foxface) 2 regular oscellaris clown fish(lowest priority) 1 pink streaked wrasse 1 neon goby I imagine that chromis and dispar kind of increases the regular maintenance requirements. With the frequent feeding requirement, the filter sock clean up frequency can increase drastically.
  4. Some of the rocks look too close to the glass. It makes it difficult to clean the glass. Otherwise, it looks beautiful.
  5. I have kept various ~30gallon saltwater tanks since 2007 with a 4 year gap total through out this time. The longest vacation I was able to manage without losing fish and coral was about 3 weeks. Even though I did not lose corals and fish, algae blooms and general tank health took a couple months to recover. During that 3 weeks it still required somebody to enter the house and put water into the auto-top off tank. I had great luck with the zacro auto feeder. So far I have been using the digital aquatics reef keeper lite. It does a great job but no email/text notification. I am eyeing ghl systems for the reliability/quality of the optical float switches.
  6. Thanks for all the great feedback. I decided to remove the insert. I had some questions about stocking. The main reason for going barebottom is for maintenance reduction. 1-is it possible to use mainly auto feeder and achieve success for the long term? I mean is it possible to avoid frozen food and nori for the most part. May be once a week or two. I was thinking of using several auto feeders with different fish food. For example, one freeze dried mysis, one with mainly herbivore pellets, and another you name it. And may be 2-3x total feedings per day. The pumps will be timed accordingly and proper feeding rings for each auto feeder. 2-if so which fish would fit this scheme? 3-What is the longest time that you can go to vacation for? (I know it feels orthogonal but it is also a fubction of the live stock. ) Thanks for reading:)
  7. I like the contrast between the bottom and the rock. Is your starboard attached to the tank with silicone? How much space do you have between the glass and the edges of the starboard? If you have space, do you trap detritus on the edges? Yes, I worry about the pressure points. That is the main reason for starboard for me. I was thinking of filing it on pavement. I did it to a couple sizable pieces and it kind of works but if I use cured live rock that is attached to each other through epoxy and whatnot, that will fall apart. Band saw is a good idea. I was also thinking marine epoxy and a small piece of acrylic for the areas that are touching to the bottom.
  8. I agree with you about the aesthetics. On the other hand siphoning sand is really an unpleasant activity. It is usually the thing I detest most. When it is not done, things begin to go south after some time. I would rather have a sustainable cleaning routine than a show tank. My hope and plan is to place power heads in 3 bottom corners to reduce detritus build up.
  9. I kind of like the look of glass more than the plastic but I am planning to use cured rock. I believe I need to somehow flatten the bottom of the rocks without drying them before placing in if I go with glass only.
  10. It is a Red Sea p500. The area around the tower has less than 1/4” space. The rest of the areas have a gap of about 1/16”.
  11. Well once you go with starboard and silicone, even if you remove the starboard, the silicone will remain at the bottom of the tank.
  12. Hello everyone, I am setting up my first barebottom tank. I followed the general advice and got a black king starboard cut. Against my best efforts there is a little bit of gap across all the edges. I am getting paranoid regarding trapping detritus on these edges. How do you setup your barebottom with king starboard? Do you silicone it to the bottom of the tank? For some reason siliconing to the bottom of the tank feels awful. It feels like I am ruining the tank.
  13. I am interested in your sumps. Where are you located?
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