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  1. 24x24x20high black cabinet no sump plumbing and locline returns included upgraded my tank and dont need this. all u need is a sump $180
  2. Had a lot of calls and texts. Its gone
  3. Upgraded to waterbox. Nothing wrong with it. 2 ft cube 19” tall tank Stand and sump and plumbing its in battleground. 971-570-7536
  4. I took the clown to cuttlefish.
  5. I have had this clownfish for 1 1/2 years. Im going to take it in to an LFS unless someone wants it here. let me know what you got To trade mainly sps / lps or $60 cash im in se vancouver
  6. This came with my tank. I used it for 9 months and no issues. $140
  7. Kessil A360W e-series tuna blue with gooseneck and controller. everything works. $200
  8. Just split. Pic of the split and mother rose. $80
  9. http://portland.craigslist.org/clk/zip/5732041914.html call or text 971-570-7536
  10. Also comes with 18 boxes and a bag of peanuts too. $40 Call or text 971-570-7536
  11. I'll take trade just let me know what you got.
  12. comes with 20 - 8" cube cardboard and 20 - 10" cube cardboard and 10 of 12" cube cardboard send me a text and i'll send you pics. the foam is the foil lined good stuff and designed and cut for shipping lots of corals. also comes with a huge bag of peanuts.
  13. I have I'm guessing around a 100 precut foam boxes coral shipping supplies. I have been saving them just in case and they were expensive to make. They are great for shipping corals. I'll take $50 cash or possible trade for any reef equipment that is decent. These precut boxes cost me over $300 to fab and have made. call or text shawn at 9715707536
  14. Adding Return pump, heater, brand new sand and base rock so basically has everything you need minus the lights for $500. 971-570-7536 Call or text
  15. PRICE REDUCED - $500 for everything I also have base rock and new sugar fine sand. Here is a pic of the sump
  16. $800 obo - Call text Shawn 971-570-7536 I purchased this brand new and had the stand and hood built locally. 4 foot x 21" tall x 18" deep The black side and back is painted on and comes off easily. I have a new 30 gal glass sump that goes with it. Not pictured
  17. manufacture date June 29th, 2013 used 6-9 months I purchased brand new Been in storage for over a year
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