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  1. A few of you have asked when my next order is going to be. It came in yesterday. Happy Sunday:)
  2. I have one in stock for $50 At Paradise Coral
  3. If you send me a message i have some being dropped off here for ya He says 1 pill should be enough but we can do what ever. Half of one pill treated his 180
  4. I had an out break in a 120 where it looked similar. I put 8 in and it took them less than 2 weeks. Glue or secure corals you don't want accidentally knocked over. After job was done i removed most
  5. I placed this rock in one of the cubicles ( about 8 gallons ) with 3 or 4 emeralds. Took them between 3.5 and 4 days.
  6. If you need them we have them. Fresh batch in today at Paradise Coral
  7. It will i have 2 of them on my g4's
  8. MrBret

    JF Bloodshots

    Thanks for bringing one by👍
  9. As of writing this there is large and small Reborn media available on Marine Depo. Public service announcement for those who might be looking for
  10. If you are looking for them i just got an email. They are currently availabe on Marine Depo
  11. I bet someone on here has it. What do you need a regulator and Co2 bottle?
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