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  1. Longfin variety. Available to keep you tank looking cool this summer
  2. I put a couple on my dry good order. Will be here Tuesday if you still need
  3. I have a small macro tank and would love it
  4. If you have a used one your wanting to sell, i have someone looking for one
  5. It's about 40inches tall and 28 inches wide. Bought new and has only been used for making r/o $150
  6. Tank is 48inches by 24inches by 13inches tall
  7. 60 gallon frag tank and stand. $475
  8. We are in the process of moving locations. Details to come later
  9. Used a few months on display Tank $150
  10. A few of you have asked when my next order is going to be. It came in yesterday. Happy Sunday:)
  11. I have one in stock for $50 At Paradise Coral
  12. If you send me a message i have some being dropped off here for ya He says 1 pill should be enough but we can do what ever. Half of one pill treated his 180
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