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  1. Hi everyone. Life took an unexpected turn. Got cheated on and the girlfriend left without contact. Gotta figure out how to end the lease and move everything out. I have this 50 gallon cube from SCA with the stand. Most everything is in good condition. Livestock: 2 clowns, 1 coral beauty, sapphire damsel, and cleaner shrimp. +40 lbs of live rock and assorted corals - large colony of fire/ice zoas, gsp, acans, a pissed off bubble tip anemone and some others. equipment: two jebao pumps with controllers, skimmer, 200w heater, 10 gallon sump, herbe overflow system. I need this gone ASAP and would love to help drain and move it. But it is a heavy system and will probably need two others. I don’t have the equipment necessary to take it all apart and move it so if you have any of that, please bring it. $200
  2. Hey man, got recommended to this post by a buddy. I’d love to buy some corals off ya. Where are you located and what’s your availability?
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