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  1. red net black metal net the fish might not see it just feed and when he's eating grab him
  2. I would like to buy a pair of bangai cardinals! I'm also look for a flame cardinals thanks 😊
  3. A while back I got these clowns but I realized I have too many so I would like to rehome them @ $15 for 1 if you buy multiple 10$ each In total I have 35 or so These are locally captive bred clowns and all from the same clutch, I've had them in my possession for about 3 months none have died and they are not aggressive and their current diet consist of ROE, TDO SMALL, Beta Brine, and LRS Reef Frenzy! I already have atleast 12 ill be keeping for myself last thing now I don't quarentine my tanks but I have no issues at this point in time! I'm off Mondays and Tuesdays and im looking to do it then so just dm I'm pretty responsive and 😊 🫂
  4. wayboi

    Clowns in rbta

    how often do you water change
  5. I'll be attending the meeting if you want to do this then!
  6. I have a harem and they are still tiny but growing a lot faster then I expected, I want to get a few super large bubble tips, any color will door just looking for large or larger nems please! I have some zoanthids and palys and a couple smaller long toadstool ty
  7. can I trade you this fat frag of zoas for a green and also one of the yellow ricordea
  8. yo I have a post if you look at my profile that has pictures of everything I have
  9. I have some for trade im using this in my show tank and refugium
  10. pink zoas will be fragged out and are only for trade the others are as pictured whole pieces im portland local!
  11. if anyone is looking for hefty 25+ polyp frags I am looking to trade show me what u got
  12. hi im vary interested in the ai prime w flex arm ! how old is it ?
  13. I have here some live stock that don't make me happy anymore, all needs to go asap open to selling or making trades Coral banded shrimp baby 1.5inch $20 blue neon cleaner goby adult $10 dime size Baby spotted Aptasia eating Filefish, $20 young bangai cardinal 1.5 inch 20
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