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  1. blues pinks purples reds oranges yellows most interested in blue and red polyps
  2. hello there im looking for nice single polyp zoathinds to build my collection not looking to burn holes in my pockets but still looking
  3. hi im new to the hobby my tank is empty I want a large variety im looking mainly for zoas I am only interested in single polyp frags I want over 50 diffrent types if you have and are willing to help me you will be greatly appreciated I have plants for trade and willing to buy a few thanks
  4. I am new to the hobby and need corals to bring movement character and life to my tank I am in the hobby of plant collecting/keeping aswell and I am willing and looking to trade houseplants (tropical) for corals and freebies are welcome 🙏 thanks happy reefing
  5. hello im interested in the Kenya trees free im new to the hobby and need something to spice up my tank
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