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Cuttlefish Ten Dollar Tequila Sunrise Monti Group Buy!!!

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Jeff has lost his mind !!:nutty: For you Monti lovers we have this beautiful Tequila Sunrise Monti!

:drool:  These are generous frags well below retail and a hard to find variety!

Only Ten Dollars !!!

1.Da monster paid 

2.Optimusprime paíd 

3. Lazyreefer paíd 

4. Duck-reef **

5. Youcallmenny paid

6. Nick **

7. Whatthefrag paid

8. Householdofpayne paid 

9. Fpd paid 

10. Manny Tavan paid 

** payment arrangements other than paypal

alt : flash kh1985 Geeklit Kjlife mesamech




10 spots and 5 alternate spots 

Must be present at party May 5 to pick up

frags will be prebagged and randomly selected. 

Post in this thread and I will go by time stamp

Pay by Thursday May 2 2019 at 8pm. If you do not pay by then your spot goes to an alternate.

Paypal is evry1has1@gmail.com

please write your forum name in the PayPal .

if you don’t have PayPal pm me about making payment arrangements


Who is in?!!!:yippee:

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