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  1. If you are local and those babies end up doing well I would be interested in a pair!! I bet these will be beautiful 🙏🏻
  2. lazy man here... like others have mentioned just worried about the eel as they are the reason I actually even got into the hobby. From your post it seemed as though you didn’t really know how to use the forums or much to do with saltwater. I was wondering if you were even seeing the posts replying because your best answer is right here from higher thinking on April 2nd, you should’ve taken it into a store where someone knows exactly what they’re doing considering you don’t have a saltwater tank setup and a tank takes weeks to cycle to keep fish in. Housing an eel in a little bucket with an air
  3. Are you not seeing the replies on this thread or something? You still just have the eel in its bag from the time you posted this?? I sure hope not
  4. Why did you get the eel if your tank isn’t even brackish though, you said you thought it was a brackish eel? Confusing post....
  5. Yea she is a beast 💪 such a beautiful fish to I’m glad she went to a home I believe will care for her well with @Nick thanks again man hope you enjoy her like I did! (Pic from him sent of her in her new tank)
  6. Bumping this in hopes someone can give her a good home before I break down the tank this weekend! Hit me with an offer if you feel the price is too high she’s an awesome clownfish👌🏻
  7. I have a 4 inch from head to tail lightning maroon clownfish that I’ve had for almost 4 years. She used to bully all the fish in the tank but has honestly calmed down in this tank a lot and doesn’t harass anybody at this point. Obviously no guarantees once she goes to a new tank but I really want her to go to a good home that will be able to deal with her as she gets bigger she has hosted the same anemone that has split 3 times in the time I’ve had it and it will come with her unless you have one that you already want her to live in in your tank. Asking for 75$ for the clown and the anemone c
  8. I am thinking of the best way to switch over to Red Sea or something different, what would be y’all recommendation for switching over salts then since it doesn’t look like tropic marin will be an option? There’s no way you should just one day do a full water change with new salt right? Gradually add the new stuff into some water changes towards the end of the bucket?
  9. I need classic tropic marin if anyone has it!!!
  10. Just a little update: Still waiting on my railing from 8020 should be here about first week of March..... Ended up getting the live rock rubble from Aquabiomics and adding it to the tank in my sump section that has all the other bio media along with doing a micro biome test of the tank before I added them. I think I will be doing another one next week to see how it has effected the bacteria populations. I still have not done a water change on the big tank yet but it is reading no ammonia no nitrites and about 3.5 nitrates. Added a carpenter wrasse from world of wet pets to the lagoon yesterday
  11. Hey there, I am looking to buy a school of flame cardinals for my new tank I was thinking 5 or 6 of them schooling would be a little different. If anyone knows where I can find them it would be much appreciated ive looked on live aquaria and blue zoo so far no luck. Thanks for any help!
  12. Got the tank cycled with the dr tims and ammonia bottle. Also added some chunks of shrimp about 2 weeks ago and it is reading 0 ammonia and about 3.5 nitrates with salifert. I am still waiting on the 8020 railing and then I will hang my light! Got my ai prime on there for now just to see what it looks like lit up and for when I add a fish next weekend not sure what my first one will be maybe a few Anthias. Also added 2 Chinese zebra bar gobys to the drop off about a week and a half ago and they are pretty shy but come out to eat everyday and are out a good amount of the time when I’m
  13. No worries at all just checking in, I just made the order though it’s order number 20069. Thank you very much!
  14. Hey I messaged you, never got a reply
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