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  1. Just a little update: Still waiting on my railing from 8020 should be here about first week of March..... Ended up getting the live rock rubble from Aquabiomics and adding it to the tank in my sump section that has all the other bio media along with doing a micro biome test of the tank before I added them. I think I will be doing another one next week to see how it has effected the bacteria populations. I still have not done a water change on the big tank yet but it is reading no ammonia no nitrites and about 3.5 nitrates. Added a carpenter wrasse from world of wet pets to the lagoon yesterday
  2. Hey there, I am looking to buy a school of flame cardinals for my new tank I was thinking 5 or 6 of them schooling would be a little different. If anyone knows where I can find them it would be much appreciated ive looked on live aquaria and blue zoo so far no luck. Thanks for any help!
  3. Got the tank cycled with the dr tims and ammonia bottle. Also added some chunks of shrimp about 2 weeks ago and it is reading 0 ammonia and about 3.5 nitrates with salifert. I am still waiting on the 8020 railing and then I will hang my light! Got my ai prime on there for now just to see what it looks like lit up and for when I add a fish next weekend not sure what my first one will be maybe a few Anthias. Also added 2 Chinese zebra bar gobys to the drop off about a week and a half ago and they are pretty shy but come out to eat everyday and are out a good amount of the time when I’m
  4. No worries at all just checking in, I just made the order though it’s order number 20069. Thank you very much!
  5. Hey I messaged you, never got a reply
  6. Yea definitely agree it will be worth it my stand is all black so it will look great. I got the rail covers to that slip into the track so I can run all my cords inside the railing and the led hybrid fixture has cords out of both sides so I think that will be perfect for hiding those cords and it will just be 1 flat bar for the whole thing👍🏻
  7. So have the two been purchased already or not I haven’t received a reply yet
  8. Yea I did get black smooth railing, I didn’t see that anywhere when I was ordering about the extra time... I was expecting it to be here by now as I ordered on the 20th or to atleast have tracking and I called and was bummed but my tank is still cycling so it’s not the end of the world I guess 🤷🏻‍♂️
  9. Well [language filter] mine are going to take 30-35 days.... guess you got lucky
  10. Love it, I am establishing a new tank and am interested in getting some for it as it’s cycling now and I believe it would be the best time to add it? Let me know how to get in on this👍🏻
  11. Nice I have definitely looked into this and am very interested in how it goes for you, good luck!
  12. Nice I appreciate that, I ended up going to ace and getting just the white nylon zip ties to use under water and above water in places they seem to work fine! I wish my ace was like that they always seem annoyed when I ask about stuff for the tanks!
  13. I also have the return pump and an in tank media basket for it.
  14. Just ordered the parts from 8020 today I plan on screwing it into the wall with this part two screws go into the railing of the 1515 bar and two will go into the wall I think it should look really nice. I went with the smooth black railing and got the plugs to make it flat all the way around basically and be able to hide the cords in the rail like the video said which is especially nice for this hybrid I believe because cords come out of both sides 👍🏻
  15. Awesome I appreciate that will definitely look into that today then doesn’t seem like it takes terribly long like I’ve read 👍🏻 Yea unfortunately because the ceiling is like 15 feet up and it’s vaulted
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