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  1. just saw this, did you give it to someone else? If so no worries
  2. 🤙 got it set on the stand wasn’t too bad I had 4 people and easy access. Now to start on the plumbing, feel a lot more confident after checking out @Oregonic’s tank today which was super nice thanks again and learned pretty much everything I needed too about the plumbing I think!
  3. So I went through a long process this year with finding a tank and finally decided on the one I was looking at in the first place before I saw any dropoffs. Received the 112 lagoon 2 weeks ago and they rolled it right into my garage for me which was perfect because I had people scheduled to come help move it in because they say they won’t do that but no need! On the same pallet was my 20 gallon drop off tank and they both arrived in perfect condition. 20 gallon drop off: I had a 25 gallon lagoon set up in my living room area and decided that this tank could replace it for the time be
  4. Hey there got a few mushrooms that dropped a few babies off of their plugs👍🏻 2 gonzo golden dragon baby’s for 60 2 about 2-3 inch gum drop mushrooms for 100 let me know if you have any other offers thanks have a good day!
  5. I think mushroom boxes are always a good idea, easy design to print I think and places are crazy behind in production on them because of Covid!
  6. This is something I am interested in with apex DOS, I was wondering if the lines get dirty easily and wether changing the lines out would be a huge pain you think. I guess it depends on where you run them but in my case it will probably be what u have to do run them through the garage. Thanks for any tips🤙
  7. Oh okay that’s sweet! I wasn’t aware of that variation I just knew of the flashing and purple but from what I see the blue jaw is more hardy and they look awesome too. That’s unfortunate though I will definitely get a mesh lid for the tank, thanks for your input! Oh nice that’s good to know I will definitely reach out love that shop!
  8. Has anyone had any experience with one? I am getting a 112 lagoon and want to put a pair in there. I saw one at world of wet pets a long time ago and they are amazing in person. Any tips on where to get one and how to care for it would be appreciated thanks!
  9. Nice I will be following along I’m sure it will be an amazing time getting that going!
  10. Hey there looking to buy a innovative marine 112 int lagoon tank or something very similar. Let me know if anyone is selling one thank you for any help 🤙
  11. I have some rock covered in them, is that something you would want?
  12. Yea exactly my point, there’s just no way they did not know that they weren’t going to be able to produce ANY before the actual day they were supposed to ship out and if they wouldn’t have let me know I wouldn’t have bought all the gear for it..... I appreciate that though I am trying to figure out a custom tank with Jeff or something 👍🏻
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