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  1. Sorry, I missed the notification! I’m around tomorrow. I’ll shoot you a PM
  2. My tank is. We picked up a ~25 gallon, and ours is about 28, iirc. It’s not an appropriate size. I know they keep growing.... up to 8 inches, iirc? If I recall correctly, the recommended tank size is in the 75-100g range, but we never had an intention of going that big in the foreseeable future, so you’ll want to confirm rather than rely on my recollection He’s seemed happy enough for the moment, but I’m sure he’d love to stretch his fins. He’s great at navigating rock work and caves, but with how fast he is, I can see where he’d really shine with more room.
  3. 3.5-4”? Husband says 30, but really we’d just like to see him happy in a bigger tank. He’s a recent acquisition along with a tank we adopted.
  4. I have a Yellow Tang available in SW Portland. Shoot me a PM if you’re interested.
  5. Oh heck, I want some of that lol. I wish I had known you were on the hunt, Taylor! I just moved mine into a larger refugium tank. If you're ever around SW or Cuttlefish, I'd be happy to give you some starts if you see some you don't have.
  6. I had a pair, and absolutely fell in love with them. Disease took them out within about a 3 day span, and it's the first time I've cried over a fish dying. They danced in the tank. Mine would eat from my hand. I won my first pair, but am looking at buying the bullet and buying them again. RIP Marco and Marisol.
  7. Most items are currently pending. Most fish are available. I'll update the list next week when the dust settles.
  8. I'll be passing through the Seattle area tomorrow morning, if anyone further North wants to make an offer on rock or livestock.
  9. Do I need to make Ari come back and do a separate one, or was mine enough to count for both of us? Lol
  10. Hello, hello! I'm Jaime, and my husband Ari and I have been running tanks in SW Portland for coming up for 2 years now. We're actually in the middle of consolidating our 50g and 20g into a new 25g IM Lagoon! Feel free to check out my breakdown thread we have learned a ton over the last two years, both about how to do things and what we really enjoy about the hobby. Ari got dragged into the hobby by me. I had kept freshwater tanks before, but always admired saltwater tanks. When we moved into our current home with a lenient lease, I kept into things... I'm pretty sure I had found our firs
  11. Breaking down my 50g SCA and 20g Waterbox as part of our decision to consolidate and downsize a bit. Tanks are in good used condition, with normal wear and tear. Pictures may be viewed at https://photos.app.goo.gl/288NGg7Vwzmqnzmi6 There is one noteworthy scratch on the 50g (pictured). It is a well established tank, with green fuzzy mushrooms and GSP growing on the back, and tons of purple coralline algae. It does have a moderate amount of bubble algae on the rocks, which spent a few months unchecked after my emerald crabs were moved out. On the 20g, there is a small piece missing fr
  12. I have some upcycled, uncured purple rock. I have no idea what kind it is. Is it something you can use? If so, feel free to shoot me a PM. I'm in SW Portland. Can for scale.
  13. I have a glass 5g plain tank (touch taller than wide, need to check dimensions) and a fluval AIO 5g that I'm not using. I may be down to trade. What area are you in?
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