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  1. I do remember this tank, in fact I had the brother to this tank until about two weeks ago. You can always pick out a Dave build stand. He is retired and doing well last I saw him. This seems like a great setup. Tough to beat an envision tank and Dave built stand.
  2. Never heard back from last interested party so these are available again.
  3. Got a few things that came off the old tank and didn't go onto my new setup. I'll take cash or corals. Aqamai KPM WaveMaker 1150-2700 gph in a super small footprint, wi-fi. In great working condition. Used for about 6 months. $50.00 Let lighting 48" 54watt T5 retrofit kit. Like new, works perfectly. Only used for about a month $75.00
  4. Well it took a week but finally got everything (apex, trident, dos, ect) transferred and even set up my in-sump refugium. Just ordered the 48" Aquatic Life T5/Led Hybrid light fixture. Should get that later this week.
  5. Update price to go today!
  6. They grow like crazy in my tank... Faster than I can frag them. Wish my SPS did the same.. Lol
  7. I wish you had a tank too. We made some great trades back in the day! 😁
  8. For you chalice Lovers I have kind of lost interest in mine and need to make room on my sand bed. I have 3 colonies to trade or I can frag them if you want smaller pieces. Looking for some cool SPS or torches. Ora, Jason Fox, ect. - WWC Pink Boobies chalice. Colony is about 6" across -GB Lava Flow Chalice. About 4 to 5" across -Bomb Squad Chalice. About 5 inches across. - Jason Fox Aquaman chalice about 2" across -unknown Rainbow chalice about 1" across Pics are a few weeks old since I have moved them toward the back of my tank.
  9. Got one. Please close thread
  10. Would also trade for a 48 to 60" hybrid (t5/Led) light fixture to put my 3 xr15s in.
  11. Great looking tank at a great price. If I hadn't just bought a Waterbox 180 I would be all over this.
  12. A few more pictures of slightly better quality
  13. Well, I loved my 60 Gallon Lagoon but I just had the urge to upgrade to something bigger. A phone call to Cuttlefish and Corals and two days of work later and I am looking at this beautiful Waterbox 180.5. So far I am pretty excited about this setup; although, my fish, rock and Corals now look tiny in all the space. I also think that, with the added depth, I am going to transition to a 48“ hybrid led/t5 fixture. I will try and get some proper pictures when the cloudiness completely clears. I can't thank Cuttlefish enough for the great deal on this system.
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