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  1. I have a few corals for trade. They are quite a bit larger than Frags. I would say more like mini colonies. I am looking for cool and colorful acros, Millis, montis, Cyphastrea, ect. Here they are: A couple nice pieces of Bubblegum Digitada And a nice piece of green with blue tip Stag
  2. On mine I floated it because I have a shallow lagoon tank so a canopy on top would look kind of funny. Other reasons are with a shallow lagoon it allows me to still enjoy a top down view. It also allows me to easily access the tank, it provides for better air circulation, without installing fans, and lastly I just preferred the look of a floating canopy over a set on top canopy. I just felt it looks a little more modern and open.
  3. Got tired of my lights just hanging there, in the open, so I finally decided to build a floating canopy. Still need to trim and finish it and trim and re-finish the stand but I am pretty happy so far. I added before during and after photos.
  4. Still available. I updated the original post.
  5. Time to do some trimming in my tank so I have the following for trade. Some things are not fragged yet in case you want the entire colony. Frags will be made to order. I added a list of my most wanted Corals at the bottom, of this thread, but I am sure there are other things I would be interested in. Here is the available list: 2 good sized mini colonies of German Blue Digitada Fragging about half a colony of WWC Pink Boobie Chalice All but one Frag of Hollywood Stunner Chalice Frags of WWC Tequila Sunrise Monti A mini colony of Westside Rainbow Tort A couple Frag
  6. GONE... Sent from my SM-N976V using Tapatalk
  7. I have had a few Copperbands over the last 15 years or so because I love the look of them but was never lucky enough to get one that did anything to aptasia. I honestly have had better luck with peppermint shrimp and you know how hit and miss they can be. I bought the product F Aiptasia and stay on top of it now. When I see one I just hit it with the F aptasia and it is gone. Works on runaway GSP too. As for quarentining, my experience only, I have never quarentined a fish but the copper bands can be pretty sensitive so I would look for one that has been healthy in a shop for awhile. They also
  8. I know the feeling. I have a complete frag tank just waiting to be set up. All that research will pay off big time. Good luck on the venture! Sent from my SM-N976V using Tapatalk
  9. My stand is 36" tall and it is perfect while your sitting on the couch or chairs in the living room. I could go for a bit taller if your standing up close to the tank, maybe 42", but the stand was originally built for that exact seapora tank your looking at. I ended up changing to an advanced acrylics 48x24x12 with 3/4" acrylic; which, I got used from cuttlefish for a very fair price. I can tell you the seapora I had prior was well built and looked nice. I wouldnt hesitate on that tank if you are interested in doing a lagoon style tank. I really enjoy my lagoon. Cool reefscape opportunities an
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