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RSM S-500 Complete Package- TIGARD


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Ok, I wasn't sure about selling the tank before and even tried to reapply myself, but I just don't have the time to maintain the thing anymore.


I am selling everything for a crazy price to just get it out.  You will absolutely need 4 people to move the tank at a minimum.  It breaks down into 2 pieces (tank and stand), but they are both very heavy and I can only supply myself for labor moving the tank.  

$1500 gets you

1- RSM S-500 complete tank (3 yrs old)
1- Reef Octopus Skimmer (2 yrs old)
1- Niger Trigger
1- Clown (Snowflake or black ice, I forget, but its ORA)
1- Assorted Corals
1-Chiller (I think it is 1/4 horse)
1- UV Sterilizer (its a big one)
1-RO Water unit
1-Vortech MP-40 Powerhead
60-70 lbs of live rock?
+ ALL of my testing kits, and other random Reef equipment that I can come up with.

I just want this guy gone, so text me for pics/ schedule a time to check it out.  I wont hold the tank, but upon receiving a $200 non refundable deposit I will hand you the corals and fish in a bucket and start draining.  

Give me a call or text today.  I would like this gone sooner than later.

Brent- 971-285-6111 




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10 minutes ago, Tanuki said:

Thank you, talking to Dan on this.  Sorry it took me a day to get back in and respond to the thread.  I think the tank is 48 inches wide, maybe 30 inches deep, and 60 inches tall, but that is a guess.  

Height: 66”, Width: 28”, Length 51"

135 Gallons 

ill have one someday :)

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12 minutes ago, albertareef said:

Hard to believe this is still available - super sweet.  I really like the all white on this particular tank as well.  BTW - what model of RO skimmer is that?  Might help push someone over the edge on this...

I think it has to do with the size of the setup and the lump sum of $1500. While it's a great deal I guess it's hard to manage that.

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Sorry for the late response.  I will measure the light tonight. 

Does anyone have any idea on where to find the Reef Octopus model?  Do they mark them anywhere?  I believe it is the Regal 200 SSS, but that is based on some web searching  and guessing based on what I remember paying for it. 

People have been asking regarding any damages or scratches etc.

There is a small scratch on the glass that is pretty much front and center on the glass right at eye level.  I am going to try to photograph it tonight.  

There is also some water damage on the lower part of the stand on the left side.  I will add a photo shortly.  It is not structural and could probably be sanded down and repainted pretty easily, I have not done it because it would require draining the tank to do it.  I will post pictures of the damage as well as the corals in the tank shortly. 

Texts and direct messages all responded to.  

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