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  1. I'll take the next available slot on Saturday. Pm sent. Best wishes for you and your move. Hope all is well now and down the line.
  2. Good luck on that front. In my experience with them in my tank, when you start to see aiptasia disappearing is about when berghia populations are hitting critical mass, but the wrasse may change the dynamics of that a little.
  3. In terms of feeding I feed lightly, and my food of choice is fish roe. I have no lighting on them but have them near a window where they get the most of the day's sun. I could give them more lighting but this has been effective in the past. In term of outfitting the tank, it's been simple, it's a flat clear container. I don't have structure in it. I just pluck them off glass with forceps, but gravel does make for a decent idea. In terms of pictures I wouldn't have much to show. I have minimal aiptasia left as I haven't been able to get them to take off, probably because I haven't been feeding them all that much. Can they actually handle multiple feedings a day? Anemones tend to have issues with food rotting while still in then if they're fed too often, but perhaps that doesn't apply to aiptasia. The populations cannot keep up with the feeding of the berghia, though perhaps it's because I just don't have the time/schedule to really work at reproducing the aiptasia en masse.
  4. I finally have my second successful batch (though not large) of berghia! They're tiny for now, so I need to feed them to get them up to sellable size, but the work has paid off! Thank you all who provided me with aiptasia to keep my efforts going! (Though the aiptasia farm is another work in progress, and I probably am in need of more since I'm still fine tuning that).
  5. You must be right. They seem to be fueled by spite! Anyway, thanks to everyone who gave me some. I have enough for now. Hopefully this will be enough to really kick them off and outpace my berghia.
  6. Thanks! That'd be great. Wish I had some to spare right now, if I could get my aiptasia supply going more steadily and my berghia supply balloons again you'll see me in classifieds/I'll ping you. It's unfortunately kind of in the trial and error phase right now and I'm trying to replicate my initial success sustainably.
  7. What are the dimensions on the aquariums? and you meant GFO instead of GPO right?
  8. Darn! That would have been great on my end. Let me know when they eventually show up again! My berghia are huge and eat way too much to be able to easily sustain them. I've been struggling to be self sufficient in terms of aiptasia, because it seems like when I want them to they don't reproduce nearly as fast as when I don't 😂😒 will do, pm sent P.s: worst part of all, "you are what you eat" seems to apply to berghia too. They lay tons of eggs but seem to hatch and take off when they want. It's going to take some fine tuning to get this really going.
  9. Haven't had luck with keeping up with feeding my berghia lately and am running short on aiptasia. Does anybody have some extra? Alternatively, a magic trick to make the aiptasia explode in population would be appreciated. I've been feeding them semi regularly, and while they're vigorous, I am slowly getting outpaced by the few breeder berghia I have. Edit: thanks everyone! Seem to have enough for now, hopefully this will make me more self sufficient in terms of aiptasia.
  10. Darn I missed out. Been wanting some gold stripe maroons for a while. I'll take them if the deal falls through.
  11. I'll take some green sinularia, pm sent.
  12. If you google "colonial green hydroids" you pretty much get a spot on image of whatever you have. It's hard to say if they'll definitely be a pest but they very could be if they start to reproduce. I personally would err on the side of caution and put putty on them to wipe them out (hopefully before they've managed to spread).
  13. How saline is your setup? If you're on the very high end of salinity it may be doable at like above 1.015 with a good acclimation process.
  14. Yeah whew I was going to pipe up but Lake Stevens is not a drive I can make.
  15. Preferably with length dimensions under 5' Just want to see what's available. Been meaning to upgrade for a long while but haven't seen many seriously large glass tanks for sale. Didn't want to buy new and haven't had the time to custom build my own, so I want to see if anyone has anything decent to fit my purpose.
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