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  1. Darn. I didn’t even receive a notification until now. Micah is the fastest gun in the west!
  2. I guess I would take them if you end up being closer to me than you are to Higher Thinking. I have been needing to renew my cleaning crew.
  3. I guess that really depends on what features you’re looking for/your budget. It is worth noting that skimming is really dependent on your bioload and how much you feed, and overskimming can be an issue for corals and trace elements in your reef.
  4. It’s a shame but that is the case. Some reef fish seem to exhibit remarkable behavior and intelligence, it would be very interesting to know a lot more about the fish we keep. This does explain, for example, why the cleaner wrasse can actually bother fish in our tanks if they don’t take food we give readily. It’s because they are eating our fish! 🤣
  5. Speaking of which, fruit/vegetable containers you get at stores tend to be clear and have holes in them. They work great!
  6. https://oceana.org/blog/certain-mental-tests-tiny-cleaner-wrasse-outperforms-chimps Stumbled upon this really interesting read about the cleaner wrasse. For one, it looks like in some ways they have better memory than most of us, myself included 😉, but it also turns out they like to nibble on their fellow fish, especially those that aren’t able to eat them/those that stick around in the neighborhood. Which, as far as I can tell, can be taken to mean that a hungry enough cleaner wrasse isn’t just going to bug its fellow tankmates, but also potentially take bites out of them.
  7. Yeah they are very voracious! They eat at a ridiculous rate. I have a ton of eggs but haven’t had any visible young yet. The plan is to leave a bunch of eggs alone together with some aiptasia without any adults around for a few weeks and see what happens. Have heard that that’s what some breeders do.
  8. I’m also culturing some myself, but have had some delays in growing my culture. I am not certain when, but I should have some berghia coming available in a few weeks. My suspicion is that my adult berghia are outeating their young (as I am feeding manually), causing few of them to develop.
  9. Am interested in a ricordea or two and maybe a turbinaria frag. Maybe some purple leather too, but the trip is quite far. Are you in Forest Grove as it says you are?
  10. If you end up having more than you need I would be interested in nabbing several. I also dream of a tank covered in rfas. Love those anemones.
  11. I’d love the bigger pieces of dry rock if they don’t end up taken. Pm’ed
  12. That’s a real shame. Hopefully when you get back on your feet you’ll be able to start it back up in full. I know I’d happily donate a frag or two once you’re doing well again if my reef is still up and running. That aside, for now I think I’d be interested in the halloween urchin and the rw15. Need to think on if I want or can add any frags now, though I likely will acquiesce and add some after I find some room in my tank for them. I’d love to have some of the snails and the peppermint shrimp if possible too.
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