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  1. Interesting that you cannot find a 30A SP breaker. Building a HERMS is on my list of to dos, but need to finish all of the other projects that I've got going first.
  2. It is bare metal. $100
  3. Bump This is what's left. $15 - Apex IO breakout - has some float switches to go with it. $15 - 4 boxes used MarinePure balls. $20 - RedSea test kits foundation, and phosphates. Needs reagents. $150 - MP10QD - Band new in box. $150 - 150 gallon Marineland tank - Has scratches, most are around where the sand bed was. Never cleaned the tank up enough to get a good look. Drilled with a big overflow and two returns. 48x24x30 Free - DI Canisters $40 - 55w UV Sterilizer with pump.
  4. Did not receive a PM.
  5. I have 4 left 2 coral + and 2 blue +.
  6. OK. I am in Tualatin, usually on Mondays and Tuesdays, we can meet up somewhere close if that works.
  7. Bump, added new pics of the 40B, skimmer, and ATO.
  8. Bump, live stock is all gone. Will empty and clean the 40B, sump, and skimmer next week. Lowered the prices.
  9. Looks a little cloudy might want to run that back through.
  10. @Amaez90Yes they are.
  11. @Thatasianguy Yes they are still available.
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