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  1. Thanks again Trigg! Was great to meet you an look forward to seeing your new tank when it's in the new house!.
  2. Ron


    2nd in line if they don't sell..
  3. It sold before I could get it 😭
  4. Sounds like a lot of equipment, would love to see pics of that tank in its prime!
  5. Is there a hint of sarcasm in there? Lol Someone scored..
  6. If I can make it up to Portland, I'll take it off your hands 😊
  7. 48x24x10 BUT it sold.. Will be putting my other one on the stand this week an getting it kicking. 💪
  8. Tank pics, ask for more if needed. Trades welcomed jus not sure what I need lol
  9. SOLD Swapping out my frag tank with another so selling the current one with the custom overbuilt stand an adj power bar that's built into the end of the stand. Being the holes are different, you will have to cut a drain hole in the top of the stand. 3 led light strips mounted underneath light it up pretty good Nothing else included but the tank an stand/adj power bar/leds. $100 picked up in Albany Oregon (SOLD) Looking for a nice display tank if you have anything please let me know! (Redsea,watretbox,cad lights ect. Rimless)
  10. Back on the hunt, this time I know I want a Rimless tank though.. Who's upgrading this tax season who's gonna need there old system presold? Lol
  11. Pending pickup on Tank, lights still available.
  12. Thank You 😊 Having it in the same room as are 25 lagoon was the push to save up an go with the nuvo 200 or 170 but this will make a great tank for somebody! 😊
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