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  1. I'm not really local but ill be in Portland tomorrow, have a few 10g tanks (free) an a 20 long I'm gonna sell local.
  2. Thinking about going with that Hygger powerhead in my 25 lagoon, what do you think of it?
  3. He made my stand for my frag tank 😊 You do make good stands, need another one jus like the other one you made for my other frag tank!
  4. Great Guy to work with, find something I need so I can swing by an gab your ear off 😉
  5. Looking for a few but nothing fancy expensive, regular red/rose/green, small or big. Hopefully someone has a ton of splits they need to thin out. Heading North today to try an find some budget frags for my lagoon, if you have anything shoot me a pm! 😊
  6. Older Oceanic tank 60x24x24 Was only used as a freshwater tank so gonna need a good cleaning but I'm happy with it 😊
  7. Picked up a new display tank tonight 😍 have freshwater fish to Rehome cheap cheap cheap
  8. Might have sent them to someone else, I don't have a Portland Number..
  9. Now I'm jealous, I want to see it lol. I talked with him an its in budget 😍 Hopefully it comes home with me! 🥰
  10. Waiting on pics from the reefbox, might be set but ill definitely let you know if anything changes.
  11. Sounds like an awesome tank, hopefully its in budget! Shoot me info when you get a chance!..
  12. Did you have something?
  13. Hey!, that one actually sold but thank you for looking out 😊
  14. Hey guys, been away for tolong an sold off pretty much all my tanks at the beginning of the year but its time to find a new tank!. 4ft-6ft preferred an 2feet deep, rim or rimless an nothing taller then 24. What's out there in someone's garage not getting used!? 🤔 Located in Albany Oregon but will travel north or south.
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