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  1. We have a 10 tube T5 fixture with power supplies. It was designed for the 4’ RedSea system, but could easily be adapted to any tank. We recently upgraded the the tank to LED and no longer have a need for them. Not sure what they are worth, make me an offer of cash or possible trade (non reef related). Located in Stayton,OR $250
  2. With a heavy heart and lots of deliberation, we have decided to step away from the hobby. We have a beautiful RedSea Max500 (120g) for sale. Brand New LED Lighting upgrade (June 2020), chiller, Reef Octopus skimmer, Apex system, Calcium reactor, Gyre and 2 generic powerheads RODI and ATOAlso included, many SPS, LPS and soft corals including 3 Rainbow Bubble Tip Anemones and several fish. I’m sure I’m forgetting some equipment, but it is a complete and running system. Not looking to part out at this time. PM for price. Located in Stayton, OR Asking $2500 . Live stock: Pencil Wrasse
  3. I have used a 2 liter plastic bottle, cut the top off and invert it use a little super glue to keep it together. It creates a funnel of sorts.
  4. All gone... please close. Thanks
  5. I’ve got a couple on one rock, make me an offer, rock also has a large piece of purple Monti. Photo bombing fish not included...
  6. Still have a couple RBTAs, make me an offer.
  7. We have a few RBTAs that are getting big and need new homes. Some of them are attached to live rock, so if you have a chunk of LR to trade that would be ok with us. See pics, photo bombing fish not included. $50 each. Located in Stayton,OR
  8. Actually we needed to frag that one. The large piece is also for sale. Make offer.
  9. We did some house cleaning today and wound up with some large frags. I don’t have a price in mind, so just make me an offer. Located in Keizer,OR
  10. I need to trim back my Purple Monti today. Can frag to pretty much any size you want, prices will start at $5 and go up with size. Also, have Branching GSP, Free with purchase of frag, or $5 for a generous amount. Located in Keizer. Would consider other SPS frags as trades.
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