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  1. Used. It’s in really good shape though. I think they retail for 2.5x this
  2. Was gonna setup but decided not to. Tank is in great shape. This is an all in one set up that has the versatility to be ran with a sump below. Great idea by Red Sea. Comes with a hydra 26 HD light with the factory integrated mount. Has the factory pump, media chamber, power strip and all the connections. I used an aftermarket skimmer that I already sold. Even comes with a mesh lid. Asking $500 OBO for everything. I also have a bunch of miscellaneous chemicals sand salt etc. that I would make someone a killer deal on.
  3. Not sure what size? I have a small 14G Peninsula AIO Nano.
  4. True dat! The build is the best part
  5. That’s actually the wood grain aluminum APS stand. They look like real wood lol
  6. As always I have a “different tank” o wanna setup lol
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