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Scott Fellman Speaking at January Meeting


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This month's PNWMAS meeting will feature Scott Fellman from Unique Corals. 


The meeting will take place at the Lucky Labrador in Multnomah Village at 12:30pm, Saturday the 17th of January.


For those that don't know Scott he has been in this hobby for a long time now. Currently he is probably best known for his insane corals at Unique Corals where he works to put out sustainably collected, aquacultured, and captive propagated corals, fishes, and invertabrates. He was a contributor on Bob Fenner's Wet Web Media's back in 02' where he eventually became the co editor of the Conscientious Aquarist online magazine. He has presented at at least 6 MACNA's that I know of, A couple of IMAC's and at Reef A Palooza. He also flies all over the county speaking to clubs like ours. 


Unique Corals is also donating some Frags and Gift Certificates for our Raffle. 


We don't have speakers in our area of his caliber often, this is not one you want to miss! 

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I have put together a flier for the meeting.  Please download the attachment and print some out to give away.  This should be an excellent meeting.  If you can't download it, send me an email and I'll send it that way (pr@pnwmas.org).  Thanks for helping to make this event great!  I've already got the flier hung up in two Petco employee break rooms so maybe we'll meet some new people in a couple weeks.



Fellman flier double.pdf

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Courtesy of Kevin's phone, here are prizes for tomorrow. I'm excited to show Scott how we do it in the Northwest! 705b52be4a9db16b4197caf13ef281b0.jpg


These corals are worth more than the cost of paying for his time, so it's super generous. On top of that he's bringing some gift certificates. This man is extremely generous.


Best of all, he's extremely knowledgeable!

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