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  1. Got this blonde naso from @ATA Wilsonville about 2 years ago. Now it is super fat and is developing streamers. Awesome fish!
  2. No tank, but I have a 55 gallon iron stand. Let me known if you could use it.
  3. Finally cleaned the glass so I can see my corals again!
  4. Bump! Catch the interview with ReefBum live today at 4 pm PST 7 pm Eastern
  5. Don't miss Reefbum interview AquaBiomics on his Youtube channel live on 9/30 at 7 PM Eastern / 4 PM Pacific. https://reefbum.com/rappin-with-reefbum/
  6. Check out this review of ReeFi's two offerings by James Graham, aka Telegraham, from Instagraham/Humblefish/Youtube. Humble.fish forum: https://humble.fish/community/index.php?threads/telegrahams-lighting-tests.5719/post-152306 or Instagraham: https://www.instagram.com/p/CUALfD1Lkfk/?hl=en
  7. Catch Eli on September 15 with Reef Dudes:
  8. Here you go. It is basically the standard SPS settings with the limes turned all of the way up. The lime takes out the blue/purple and gives it a more daylight look. settings_v3(2).txt
  9. I'm still loving my ReeFi Unos!
  10. Very cool, Roy. I have found that my lights are too powerful for them, unless I put them way in the corners of the tank. Is that a low light part of your tank?
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