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  1. @Higher Thinking President @Emerald525 Vice President @Gumby Secretary @SuncrestReef Treasurer @Lexinverts Vendor Relations Congratulations and Thank You for volunteering.
  2. Welcome. I’m just down the road in Creswell. A soon as I am done battling some hair algae, I’ll look you up for some coral. You might want to get some information on sponsoring the club. With sponsorship you get your own forum that you can post regular stock, special deals, etc. Lexinverts is our current Vendor Relations officer, but any of the officers could probably get you the info you need to sponsor if you want to. I’m glad you found us. Emerald Valley’s coral retailers are sparse. Jay
  3. It's that time again. Only paid members can run for office and vote. This was probably one of the most challenging years we have ever faced as a club. I think our current Officers and Board deserve recognition for keeping us up and running during the pandemic. This coming year, we should see things opening up and there will be opportunities for events, meetings, and getting back to a bit of normalcy. I hope some of our Officers will want to run again. I am excited about some new volunteers. Good luck to all of the nominees.
  4. 29 tickets for the gyre, please.
  5. 22 tickets on the battery backup from jnspayne@yah00.c0m
  6. Mine is an original graffiti design I stole off of a train boxcar.
  7. Hi, I have a marine aquarium with fish, soft corals, live rock and equipment. I need to leave the hobby and sell my stuff. Where do I go to post this?



    1. Chief


      You would post in the classifieds forum.  They are in the process of changing the rules.  I believe your post will need to be approved after you post.  Also all items must have prices.  Good luck with the sale.  Also post your location.  Our group covers Oregon and southern Washington.   

  8. Just put in a order for 6 lights. Any idea on when they will start shipping? I’ve been debating on lights for a long time. These look amazing and you can tell Daniel put a lot of time into the design and layout. Top that off with a warranty that no one can beat and the choice was easy.
  9. I run a Diablo DCRS 300ext. It’s a little older but it is still a beast. 240 gallon display, 100 gallon sump, 55 gallon fuge.
  10. @Maninihas been updated. @Bighoho @SuncrestReef @TheClark
  11. We have alway had to manually upgrade family user accounts. I think I have some instructions in the admin forum. @Bighoholet me know when you have sent the additional $5 to paypal@pnwmas.org and we will get @Maniniset up. @TheClark @SuncrestReef
  12. I am a supporting member. I’m also a Charter Member. Does that get me more points? Lol.
  13. Bob was the best. So much fun. Great humor and a lot of knowledge. By far my favorite speaker. The reefing community lost a great ambassador.
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