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  1. Catch Eli on September 15 with Reef Dudes:
  2. Here you go. It is basically the standard SPS settings with the limes turned all of the way up. The lime takes out the blue/purple and gives it a more daylight look. settings_v3(2).txt
  3. I'm still loving my ReeFi Unos!
  4. Very cool, Roy. I have found that my lights are too powerful for them, unless I put them way in the corners of the tank. Is that a low light part of your tank?
  5. I thought you were a monster tank guy? 😎
  6. https://reefbuilders.com/2021/09/07/acid-trip-cyphastrea-just-melted-my-brain/
  7. No, we borrowed one from OHSU, thanks to @albertareef
  8. Lexinverts

    Stick pics!

    Very nice pics!
  9. Those are some nice looking colonies and frags. I think I have all of those, except the VM. Is the last pic the BC Aquatic Man? Mine looks different than your frag and the colony pic. Mine is a green table with red tips. I may have to get some Voodoo Magic from you sometime.
  10. I'm sorry to hear that, Andrew. To be clear, none of us on the board want to be stuck with virtual meetings, or outdoor only meetings forever. The club does need to respect the state Covid rules and require masks indoors at meetings for as long as they remain. The reality is that we are back to 1,500+ Covid deaths per day nation-wide and Oregon hospitals are at a breaking point. It is what it is. As I have tried to communicate to everyone on the board, I think that we will have a better spring, once kids under 12 are vaccinated and I think club activities will be able to get more back to normal then Thanks for your contributions to the club as president, especially the time that you put into researching the Fragfest. Hopefully, we can put your work to good use in March or April when we reschedule it. I wish you the best of luck in keeping you and your family safe in all of this. Best, Andy
  11. It sounds like you have concluded that every other place online that you visit is great and this place isn't. We're sorry to hear that you think that, but it sounds like the best resolution is for you is to just enjoy those other communities and stay away from this one. We're not going to ban people here for trying to negotiate prices on used equipment. Best of luck to you.
  12. Taylor, it is difficult for anyone to sell used stuff right now. Lots of people seem to be getting out of the hobby.
  13. First pic is what I was referring to. Then the bottom Pic, after the valida there is another Montipora digitata, then Acropora formosa, next one not sure, then an Acropora millepora at the end.
  14. Top pic: Acropora tortuosa (looks similar to Oregon tort), Montipora setosa, Montipora digitata (similar to bubblegum digi or forest fire digi), 4th...not sure, maybe Acropora donei, last one Acropora valida.
  15. No, he is down by us in Monroe, OR. @EMeyeris also the owner of Aquabiomics.
  16. Eli usually has a bunch of them available: https://orchardreef.com/product-category/lps/
  17. Back from 3 weeks of travel and the tank has never looked better.
  18. Anyone coming to the meeting who wants free Chaeto? I have a bucket that I am otherwise going to throw out.
  19. I run Red Sea Blue Bucket and I am having success with it. I have heard that the Magnesium is a little low in the blue bucket, but I have not had any issues.
  20. Your alk is high enough to cause problems. Lower your alk to 7.5-7.8. People with Ca reactors are able to get away with running it as high as you are, but IME it causes problems from 8.5 and up if you are dosing 2-part. And stop dosing the Red Sea no3/po4x right away. I think the carbon dosing (nopox) with high alk is what could be causing the issues. Even though your nutrients still seem high enough, in some systems this combination can really stress stony corals. Phosphate of .15 is fine. Nitrate of 20 is a little high, but could be brought down with water changes. I had a similar thing happen to me years ago when I carbon dosed with Red Sea nopox to get my nutrients down. I struggled for months and killed pretty much all my sps. I quit using nopox and things got better within a few weeks. As it turned out, my nutrients were not actually high enough to be a problem and taking them down with carbon dosing (nopox) caused way more problems. You said that your corals were doing fine at nitrate 20 and phosphate .15, right? I know that some people have success with the Red Sea nopox, but in some systems it can be really hard on stony corals. Good luck!
  21. I think somebody at Bertram was bitten by the reefing bug!?! Supposedly, they are trying to hire Kevin Kohen (formerly of Divers Den) so that they can offer livestock as well. It seems that this could go either way--good or bad for the hobby. Will BRS/Neptune continue to carry their competitor controller products? How about the LFS now being asked to stock product (Neptune) from their biggest online competitor (BRS)?
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