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  1. Why hello Ms. Holly! Since the coral naming has picked up in the last few years it would be tough to say exactly what the vendor for that specific piece named it. As far as species goes it look like a very nice microlados. Reminds me a lot of one I had few years back. I just called it a rainbow microlados. Here's a horrible picture of mine. Ps. No guru here.. I was just a motivated hobbyists at best 😆
  2. Jorge

    Uv art

    Trade for frags?
  3. Bought a couple of these a few years ago. You can see one above the display at cuttlefish. Uv reactive gives a nice glow. Its time to let the second one go. 36x12x1 $80 and pick up only. Paid 180.
  4. Man I lol'd!! Mine: sell my 50 nuvo, get waterbox frag, grow some of the amazing acros we get at cnc!!
  5. Thanks bud! Man thats some nice growth and color you got out of it so far!
  6. Sounds like you haven't stopped by cnc lately. Some of the nicest Aussie golds I've seen in a long time!
  7. Honey bu bu just swing by the shop and I'll squirt some weld on 16 on it for you and you'll be good to go! Just let me make sure I can find the weld on first!
  8. Bring it back in and I'll find you one you don't have.
  9. Only two left standing. All others either killed it, didn't post by the deadline, or simply stopped posting.
  10. I will be going through this thread to announce the winner within the next two weeks. I have a very cool prize in mind for the winner but I'll have to run it through the boss!
  11. Thats one cool cat! Happy bday homie!
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