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OFFICIAL: sps grow out thread

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Ok guys so I have working hard to get a top notch Tenuis as the grow out specimen. What I have come up with so far. ONce again our local hometown Mattv steps up to help. So what I have right now is a very nice Ultra tenius on board this thing will have 3-4 colors when in right conditions. Matt will be cutting this up for and here's the deal.......it's not gonna be cheap but it will be special! Buy in will be $60 these frags sell for $100 on line and in his auctions. It does not get any better. No lineage and home grown


Here's the catch the winner will get to name this piece for Mattv and will be sold under that name in the future! I will be looking for a few sponsors that may donate prizes and judge this competition.


There will be 10 guaranteed spots with there possibly being up to 15. It will be first come first paid to hold your spot. Frags will be picked up on one day. I will not hold frags. I will start a sub list after first 10 and possibly aquire similar tenious from Mattv to add more players.

Here are the rules..... pick up must be complete by Wednesday 4-4-17. First picture of Frag by 4-5-15. The first pic must include a ruler of sorts showing current size to the base of plug where it is glued. A top down pic and your system information it will be going in. It must stay in the same tank for the entire duration of the contest. Pictures will be due by the 5th of each month. I WILL NOT SEND REMINDERS PEEPS. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILTY TO MANAGER YOUR OWN TIME AND REMEBER TO GET YOUR PICS IN. ALL PICTURES AND UPDATES WILL BE DONE ON THIS THREAD FROM HERE ON OUT.  Mattv has been gracious enough and will help judge. The contest will be decided on three factors. Overall new growth, coloration of the coral and .......did you follow the rules. Winner will get  to name this coral and I am looking for prize donations as we speak. If you need to contact me my # is 360-904-7666. Lastly if anyone has input or needs to make pick up arrangements please let me know so we can get this thing going.   Remember this is for fun and bantering is welcomed!   I'm sure spectra thinks he has this one in the bag since he has been crowned king in the last two but something tells me it is time dethrone the king!


Who's in

1. Brian67

2. Fishboys


Who's in

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Any idea on pick up date for the frags? Since you can't hold them, that limits the time frame and I need to make sure school allows it :)



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