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  1. Anyone ant this last pack. Get 9 pieces for $75 Just added a couple mystery frags ! Like a box of chocolates never know what you get!
  2. Bump. One pack left I’ll add a couple freebies as well
  3. Have you checked shipping price on that. That is usually 1 cubic meter
  4. Ok thanks I remember vermited snails mostly on rock like little hard tubes
  5. I’m hoping it’s not vermitrd snails
  6. I’ve got three SPS packs available for $75 each pack cones will all 6 pieces Myagi tort, OG micro ladies, Forrest fire digi, BC Hawaii, OG Mad Mikes Tri color and mystic monti only three packs available now, no trades at this time. All frags are 1” and bigger pictures are from left to right and full tank shots for reference
  7. These are only found in my overflow and sump. Go!!!!
  8. Apex classic with eb8, ph probe, temp probe and apex cable $200 like new AI prime Hd white with flex arm and tank mount $125 Both work great and are in great condition
  9. 5# 10# $25 each
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