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  1. Good job for sticking with it. A lot of people have and would have thrown in the towel!’
  2. Picked up. Thank you sir!! Mods please close
  3. Anyone got a new wetside laying around I can buy. They are all on back order fir another 2-3 weeks and I’ve had two go down this past two weeks
  4. Good idea! I got a RMA number from ecotech today. They have been good in the past but not sure if they will replace or not. One of my original units
  5. So just a quick reminder. I was doing tank maintenance today and notice a reddish oxide tint on my power heads and glass and dismissed it as brown algae. I pulled all 4 mp40’s off to wipe down and on closer inspection, one was covered way more than overs. This prompted me to fully disassemble the unit and it was coated inside as well. A closer inspection revealed the magnet is split at the seam. This would explain a little STN On a couple acros that have been rock solid for over a year. Put in a ticket with Ecotech and will see what they do. FWIW the wetside is well used but clean . They have
  6. Gryphon hands down. The inland saw will work if you don’t use all the time
  7. I only ask because the last shutdown we were not getting SPS or torch’s then
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