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  1. Not sure if you have ever drilled a low boy but they break easy. I mean super easy!!! When I had my shop I drilled several and sometimes the weight of pipe or if you bump it will break them
  2. Atleast black ones are. I would have to look closer at all but guessing all are sun corals
  3. Not sure bout well deserved but luck yes!!!
  4. Thanks Titus. Hope your stuff doin good!
  5. Only been cut once. Kinda a slow grower but come see me Roy. I’ll get you a piece
  6. I have used the carbon Doser on several CaRx set ups. Would not personally use anything else. If u want the ultimate in everything get a peristaltic pump like a master flex or Kamorer to keep everything consistent
  7. Hey jr. tried true and tested. The Tunze osmolator. 3155. Cannot go wrong works flawlessly. The Newest version of the Neptune ATK is slick too. I just got one and will be using on new 400 gal set up
  8. Yeah thanks to an aptasia file fish who was collecting some bounties i had do weld all the doors get them powder coated and cut mount and stain all the inserts Well still waiting on floors to be delivered and nothing yet....
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