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  1. Is something stinging it? If it's not all dead yet, it might be worth doing an iodine dip
  2. Way to go!! Excellent growth!
  3. I"m interested in the Curve 5, but also getting an error trying to PM you... you can text me at 503-888-8567
  4. Lol! I already got 2 killer pieces from him last weekend, they’re ALL so tempting! I’m sure I’ll cave an get more at the show 😜 Btw - that Pink Kitty is suuuper bright!
  5. I owe you sooo much for your tank sitting over the years you just let me know when you’re ready for what and I’ll take care of you!
  6. It’s a stunner! Super bright and unique
  7. Your high end sps game is on fire!
  8. And for another fun update Dec 5th to Jan 20th May 14th (under blues and minus a backup frag from underneath)
  9. reefrun

    Jimbo Mojo!

    Here’s an update top down pic under blues. I lost some of the green after increasing the light, but man this is so pretty
  10. Thanks! Yes everything that survived is thriving again! It's sad for what I lost, but after 72 hrs without power I'm grateful for keeping so much. How's your tank doing?
  11. Sure! I'm pm to work out details 🙂
  12. I have 2 separate colonies and the par makes a big difference in how they look. Lower light gets a deeper pink with some green in the branches, higher light gets more white/yellow tips and more blue pilupsvat the tips. im preferring the look in higher light (350ish par). I’m running Radions + T5s
  13. Ive got lots, depends what you’re looking for 🤗 I’ll text you
  14. Tons of zoas available.. and more! Pm sent
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