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  1. reefrun

    More sticks!

    Great photos that actually do justice to your great frags! The ones I got from you are doing awesome btw!
  2. Welcome to the group! What part of Cali are you in?
  3. Ok this is fascinating to me.. I bought from a "california seller" and was accidentally shipped a "god torch" instead of my order and have to decide to ship it back or buy it... I had an aussie gold before (stunning, from Jeff), but this is DEFINITELY different - it is bright mustard yellow with really neon green tips. I'm not a torch collector, but regardless of where it came from it's truly special.
  4. I'll nominate @albertareef because who else is willing to tank sit for 3 weeks (a nightmare tank) and doesn't want something in return. He should apply for sainthood in my book - give him ALL the corals 🙌. Oh and he let us borrow his generator in the ice storm... the best of the best
  5. Yes! I have it on my living room floor ready to post, good timing! It’s the best sump ever, but I’ve been running Red Sea tanks so it’s not been used recently. We had it with our 6 foot 125 gallon in wall tank for only 6 months before the tank (not dump) sprung a leak $800 new (with $100 shipping) so we were asking $400 https://www.geosreef.com/product/geo-su36r/?fbclid=IwAR02XWrnqSymUGryduHxl-jUx23oA-Xs1wjvz3x4hGPTX2yw1SzeLOTfRX4
  6. Thanks 🙌 Glad you think so, I’ll be bringing some in if they don’t sell lol
  7. Had people back out or flake out, so Ive updated the list.. I also added sizes and put some frag pics below I can absolutely do contact free or meet at Cuttlefish if that’s better for people
  8. Depends what you’re putting there… I gave sone chalices and montis that get their best color in that range
  9. Beautiful stuff! What are you upgrading to?
  10. Thanks! Let me know when you’re ready… if I don’t screw things up I’ll have plenty available lol Beautiful tank btw! I love the aquascape!
  11. @Emerald525 Yeah I’m free after 1 today or tomorrow, plus my lights turn on at 1:30 and it’s more fun with lights on 🙂
  12. The Aquatic Man is Pink with bright teal/blue tips, it might need more light if it’s staying green. I think I have mine around 350-400 par. It’s 3rd pic, upper right https://www.instagram.com/p/CSR7oevlXFE/?utm_medium=copy_link The Voodoo is such a cool piece, probably the shaggiest in my tank and growing quickly now that it’s taken off. And I think it gets more rainbow colors in lower light, I have mine around 400-450 Let me know when you’re ready 😀
  13. It’s a table.. funny thing is it encrusted for-ev-er and covered my whole frag rack (which is why I have cookies available lol) Once it encrusted on a rock though it’s started to take off quickly (bottom)
  14. The Aquatic Man was cut from a bottom piece so the bottom part is uncolored. That piece and the Voodoos were cut yesterday. The rest are healed at least 2 weeks Some mother colony pics
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