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  1. reefrun

    Jimbo Mojo!

    I got this piece from @Gumbya few months ago and had to share how cool it is! I have it under a lot of blues (radions + T5) and it's developed orange-y polyps with the branches going from pink to dark magenta to bright blue He'll calling it Jimbo Mojo and you should definitely hit him up for a piece!
  2. Updated list with pending items. I have another frag of White Zombies healed up if anyone is interested - 2 polyps + baby for $100
  3. Thanks! I might have a zoa addiction problem, I have lots more than this ready to frag!
  4. I was told my price was too high, so I’ve adjusted things lower. Pics taken with orange filter under blues, it was right after the lights turned on. Let me know if you want more pics. Most of the frags are fresh, but I'm happy to hold a couple weeks after paying if anyone wants me to! I'm in Lake Oswego and I can meet at Cuttlefish. Make an offer for packs or if some prices look off 1 – Nirvana - $15 2 – Red Death - PENDING 3 - Rainbow Incinerators - PENDING 4 – RDPE (Red Devil People Eaters) - $15 5 – Red Deaths + Rastas - $15 6 - RDPE (
  5. Actually mine is ready now too... I'm happy to donate too, so just let us know which is more convenient for you to pick up 🤗. I would prefer to opt for contact free pick up though
  6. I'll have some soon.. I'm in Lake Oswego
  7. Can I get back in line for the one that’s good with LEDs?
  8. Depending what it's growing on you can always use a chisel and rubber mallet
  9. Is it $40 for the pair of clowns?
  10. @Gumbyhas the Walt Disney, I got a frag from him a couple months ago... not sure if he has more available though @CuttleFishandCoral at least used to have the Acid Trip And it's not local, but BattleCorals have the SCOP. I got one in a BattleBox and it's amazing (though not close to fragable). Good luck with your search!
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