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  1. I would definitely invest in a doser
  2. @albertareef to the rescue!!!!!!!!! Generator has the 2 tanks with heater, return pump, and a minimum lighting. The next few says will how how much damage was done 🤞
  3. I was out of town taking care of my dying grandma, and then arranging her funeral, so we weren’t able to prepare for the storm. Been without power since we got home Sunday and struggling to keep my tanks at 60 degrees... if anyone has a generator they don’t need let me know. At this point I’m expecting the worst 😔
  4. We have a 48” ATI 8 bulb fixture that we’d removed the middle 2 so it could be run as a hybrid.
  5. This is not good for me. I'm already there way too often
  6. Hey you're up and running already! That's awesome, you'll always remember the first tank 🙌 I agree with Blue Z Reef... I know those clove polyps are cool, but you have so much aptasia on that rock that your whole tank will be covered soon. I think it's best to pull it out and get another piece. For light, primes aren't too powerful. I had 3 of them over my shallow nano tank so I don't think you need to filter the light. I also agree with the comment on testing. your LFS (live fish store) can usually do some testing, but you'll at least need to get a refractometer and alk/nitra
  7. Thanks Ethan! It was great meeting you guys! I cant wait to see your zombie garden soon 🙌
  8. Ugh you've had the worst luck... I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!
  9. Just an app that guides lighting needs based off spread, mounting plan, and tank dimensions would be cool
  10. I totally agree about adding some mechanical bio export. Without a sump I’d recommend more live rock, or a bio block or something. A lawnmower blenny is a good help, and agree with others about adding a tang. A good skimmer is a must. Read up on the options, HOB are riskier than in sump bc if the overflow they’re dumping water out of your tank which gets the floor wet but also causes your ATO to keep pumping and then you have a salinity drop. For me, these are the type of things that happen when I’m on vacation lol Also- what food do you feed? Sometimes that can make a hu
  11. That frag browned out and sat dormant for a while before it even started to encrust. I thought of tossing it so many times lol
  12. I think it was more lights + better skimmer
  13. My SPSs have been growing SO slowly for years now, which is painful because I love them so much! I'm finally getting some things taking off and this is the most exciting one. I bought this frag well over a year ago and it just encrusted a ton and stalled out (original frag is the set of branches on the left) Bill Murray growth -> Dec 5th to Jan 20th Keep the faith friends!
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