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  1. I am searching for a 4'x4' cube. Would be willing to trade a 180 with metal stand and custom wood surround.
  2. 2 member tickets to go towards icecap battery backup. 😁
  3. Pre drilled, stand would be great but not required. Glass only. Thank you.
  4. If you are not in a hurry I will have a 120 for sale mid May. 48"x24"x24" Measurements might be a little off.
  5. Sent you a text about the 120, is it still available?
  6. You need to convince my man that we should do this!!! We are building a new house and I really want the tank in the wall like this, but he does not. 😪 Yours looks great! Can't wait to see the finished product!
  7. I have had the mirror trick work in the past, but I have also had it fail it depends on the fish. I have an orange lined kole tang that tries to bully a hippo tang that is 3x's the size of him, but the hippo just chases him for a half of second and the kole swims away. The kole is really odd he HATES my lawnmower blenny.
  8. Your tank and plan is looking great. I wish I could get my guy to help me plan a monster build. 😁 At least I am taking over one of the bedrooms as a fish room when we build our new house. 🐠
  9. I live in Redmond. Welcome to Central Oregon. 😃 If you ever need anything let me know, I may have it.
  10. I wanted to do this for years, but I always thought you couldn't do it with LPS in the tank. Please keep us updated!
  11. stephanie

    Tang question

    I am kind of stuck on the cube, but wouldn't mind seeing a picture of the tank you are selling .
  12. Thank you for the feed back!
  13. stephanie

    Tang question

    Sounds like a great menagerie of tangs! I hope to put a couple more in, but we will see how it works out. I have a 55 gallon drumDo you a of rock waiting to go in the new tank when ever I get it. 😃 Do you have pictures up of your tank? I just saw something on cuttle fish. I live in Redmond so it is quite a drive for me, but next time I am in Portland I will definitely be checking them out!
  14. stephanie

    Tang question

    I currently have a 180 6'x2'x2', I am wanting to got to a 4'x4'x2'. Do you think that the Tangs will have enough swimming room? I plan to put the rock work in the center so they can swim around it. As of now I have a large hippo tang, Good size blonde naso tang, yellow tang and a few other fish. Thanks in advance for your input.
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