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  1. GL with the sale, Geoff! Great seller, got my pack and everything is healthy and colorful.
  2. Holly is awesome! I quickly filled my nano cube with her beautiful healthy corals.
  3. Also interested in the Neptune bounce. Price for just the OG bounce? Ty
  4. What led strip do you have attached to your ATI?
  5. Could I purchase the mushrooms then? Or if you're not willing to split the pack make it a softie pack? I hope they split too, I see some really nice pieces
  6. I'd take a shroom pack if that's possible?
  7. I can pick it up tomorrow. Pm sent.
  8. Wow, awesome coral! If it wasn't for this covid stuff I'd love to see your reef. It looks awesome.
  9. I think I see some nice mushrooms in the background. Also in tualatin, any available? Ty 😃
  10. Was able to drop off the par meter at CnC today after all. Thanks for the loan!
  11. Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk I can return it tomorrow [emoji106]
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