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  1. I got some corals for sale… purple tip hammer $30 purple tip frogspawn $30 devils hand $20 rock with different zoas $30 or buy all 4 for $100
  2. Hi. Let me know if you would do just the green with purple rim for $20.
  3. Let me know if you decide to part out. I would be interested in the mp10.
  4. Parzifal, go ahead and lock it. Buyer is reliable. Thank you!
  5. This is pending pick up. Please close. Thanks.
  6. Thanks! It is. I wish I had a bigger tank lol.
  7. So I got this piece from a local reefer when I bought a coral package deal from him but unfortunately its taking up too much space in my tank. Its roughly 12-14” diameter. Not exactly sure what type of montipora it is. The colony is attached to a rock with some gsp. Which I plan on keeping. Asking $50 for just the monti colony. No trades.
  8. Bump… light sold tank set up $100 obo.
  9. Looking for a decent size monti cap colony. Doesnt really matter what color. I got cash or trade. I got some hammer or frogspawn for trade with cash. Thanks.
  10. 14g Peninsula tank with stand and comes with ai prime light. I already moved all the corals over to my main tank so this nano is for sale. Only tank, stand and light are for sale. No corals. Includes return pump, heater, powerhead, skimmer. $300 for full tank set up obo or $200 for tank set up and $150 for ai prime with flexible mounting arm. No trades.
  11. Sold. Please close.
  12. Works great. This thing is a beast. $50 obo.
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