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  1. Works great. This thing is a beast. $50 obo.
  2. Still works great. The black outer sleeve that protects the wires is pulling back a bit so I used electric tape to secure it. See photo. This does not effect the performance in any way. $300 obo.
  3. Bump. Still looking for some LR. Anywhere from 30-40 lbs. Thanks.
  4. I dont see an option for me to start a new topic etc… lol. 🤔🤦🏻‍♂️😬 can anybody help? Hahaha.
  5. Let me know if you decide to part out. I’ll buy the mp40. Let me know how much and if its possible to buy it before sunday. Thanks.
  6. Nate, I’ll definitely take some rocks. My tank should be up and running next weekend. Im thinking next saturday. Thanks.
  7. I’ll pm you about 30 minutes before I head out for address. Thanks!
  8. Hi. I’ll take the bulbs. Im in tualatin now but can swing by later this evening about 8pm. Let me know if that works. Thanks.
  9. Depends on the condition of the tank, stand and if it comes with additional dry goods etc… and also the pick up location might be a factor. My budget ranges from $600-$1500. Can I see some pictures?
  10. Thanks half astronaut. I already pmed but no reply.
  11. Hello. Looking for a 90g - 120g tank set up. Not a cube style. It needs to be about 4’ to 5’ long max, needs to have a stand as well and all the plumbing ready. If theres a sump already that would be great but not necessary. Same with lighting. Let me know what you have, price and location please. Thanks!
  12. Hello. Im looking for a decent size 5-6” rose anemone. Let me know what you got, how big and how much and location please. Thanks.
  13. Hello. Just looking for about 10-20lbs. Let me know how much and where to pick up. Im from the beaverton area. Thanks.
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