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  1. All fish sold!!! Thank you and please close
  2. I have someone coming tomorrow morning to pick up everything. If he bails, I will let all interested parties know. Thanx Pete
  3. Also up for sale Clown pair Male normal 1.5” $25.00 Female Black storm 2.5” $50.00
  4. Up for sale: Yellow tang 4” $65.00 Yellow eye kole tang 5” $65.00 Hippo tang 3” $50.00 Red Christmas Wrasse 4” $50.00 Cleaner shrimp x2 $15.00 Red tuxedo Urchin $10.00 Green Chromis x2 Free with purchase All fish eat great and have been living in my tank for several years. Not looking for trades. Thanx Pete
  5. Hi, thought I would answer the asked questions. My tank is 2.5 years old. It is a mixed reef but still SPS dominated. I do 10% water changes every other week. I use roughly 35 Ml a day of BRS soda ash and calcium carbonate before the crash. Now, it’s about 16 ML. I uste to do weekly 10% water changes but I struggled with low nutrient based issues. I will say that at that time the corals were happier. For now, I don’t want to change anything until I see the ICP results. Then I’ll make some changes if necessary and do another ICP test after the changes have had some time to take effect. Looking forward to seeing results!
  6. Hi Emerald525, I recently did have a tank crash and am still currently recovering. The tank crash was due to unstable alk/swings. Took me awhile to figure it out. However, this crash caused me to start taking water chemistry into consideration. Seems like every time I have issues, it comes back to water chemistry. Just looking to do it “better”!
  7. Hi, I have been using BRS brand soda ash and calcium carbonate on a dosing pump for quite some time. I have never really done much other then weekly/bi-weekly water changes for trace elements. I recently came across BRS addition of the tropic marine trace element supplementation/BRS hybrid program. I understand the addition of the trace elements to the alk and calcium supplements. However, It don’t really get the part “C” deal. I have watched their videos several times. I understand that dosing Soda ash and calcium carbonate results in a rise of salinity over time. I just have never seen this happen in my tank. Is the water changes enough to mitigate this problem. I am starting to question if the part “C” is really necessary. Maybe it’s just for people who don’t do water changes? Don’t know if anyone else uses this method and what their thoughts maybe on it. I just ordered a ATI ICP test. I am curious to see if I am actually lacking trace elements or if the water changes are enough to cover that as well. Thanx in advance, Pete
  8. I noticed that when I was dosing NOPOX into my tank, it dropped nitrate really fast! It didn’t seem to change phosphate much though. I have heard others state that they had similar results. Might be worth a try?!?!
  9. Maybe try doing a google search with the specs of the driver??? if that doesn’t work maybe a electronics store like Fry’s could help?
  10. Appreciate your guys input. I have had it happen a few times too. Usually it’s been in a cheap enough coral that I just ate it. Just sucks when it happens with a more expensive chunk. Thanks again, Pete
  11. Hi, I have a general question for the group. If I buy a coral(usually sps) mail order or from a LFS I get it home in a timely manner and do proper acclimation/dip techniques and I wake to a bone white skeleton, is there any kind of replacememt policy or is a reefer just [language filter] outta luck? I realize this may differ from store to store? Just something to take into consideration
  12. Sounds like rushing water to me. I think all the auto flush deal is a solenoid on a timer. The flush before and after using the RODI is to clean out the membrane. Supposed to make it last longer. Hope this helps, Pete
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