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  1. sorry these sold a long time ago.
  2. the reactor and media are sold. pump and C02 tank still available.
  3. the reactor and media are pending. lets try the picture thing again...sorry about that. manufacturer says the reactor is rated for a 500g system.
  4. well i got an ATB 1050a from another member on here so i'm looking to sell the SRO XP-5000 Int Cone protein skimmer with pump + extra pump that needs a new impeller. just to be clear the one pump works great but the extra pump needs the impeller. still asking $250 or open to coral trades.
  5. well, this is still available and i now have a Cole-Palmer Masterflex 7523-70 peristaltic pump with 7518-10 easy load head and tubing plus quick disconnects. Also have a small C02 tank partially full. while i was accumulating all of this I started dosing Tropic Marin all for reef and i'm really liking the results so i'm going to stick with that. it might cost more than a reactor but it's easy to use. how about $600 for everything in this post? reactor, media, pump, tank
  6. maybe someone mentioned this but i found a product called a generlink which seems like an interesting product. Not sure if it's allowed here in OR or by PGE but i like how simple it is and switching off the breakers i don't need is easy. http://www.generlink.com/generlink.html we have a 3500 watt generator that worked great and would have been more than enough for the 120 gallon tank i had when i bought the generator but now i have a bigger setup so it was a little undersized for the tank and house. i got a 5000w generator off amazon but instead of one they delivered two on back-to-back days. i told the 2nd delivery guy one was already delivered and he said it looks like you get two for the price of one. i contacted customer service and they'll be picking up the 2nd one which is disappointing but what i expected. i thought maybe Jeff Bezos was feeling generous.
  7. well we lost power saturday around 11 am in OC. we're on the hospital line so we thought we'd be back up soon. we've lived here 15 years and never lost power. our neighbors have lived here 27 years and the longest they lost power was for 4 hours. our neighborhood got power back last night around 8. unfortunately a street tree took our power line from the pole to the house down. PGE has no estimate on when they'll be able to come out and reconnect our house. i do have a generator so all is good but i've not been running lights and now i'm thinking i'm going to have to start since it might be a while longer. picture below is our driveway full of limbs. luckily none of the limbs hit the house.
  8. i'm not good with pricing but i'm liking all the euphyllias
  9. have one setup left and i'm not sure of the pendant brand but i think its a Lumen Bright pendant. dimensions are 16" x 16" x 7.5"
  10. I did not QT for the first 12 years in this hobby and then i finally got hit with loosing a tank of fish. had a 400 gallon tank and some of the fish i had for close to 10 years. I think that was worse than money spent on the fish. I lost large mature tangs and a pair of Potters wrasses to name a few. QT is the only way to go IMO/E. I will admit i don't follow hummblefish's recommendations exactly but i do keep them in QT for at least 8 weeks.
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