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  1. well we lost power saturday around 11 am in OC. we're on the hospital line so we thought we'd be back up soon. we've lived here 15 years and never lost power. our neighbors have lived here 27 years and the longest they lost power was for 4 hours. our neighborhood got power back last night around 8. unfortunately a street tree took our power line from the pole to the house down. PGE has no estimate on when they'll be able to come out and reconnect our house. i do have a generator so all is good but i've not been running lights and now i'm thinking i'm going to have to start since it migh
  2. i'm not good with pricing but i'm liking all the euphyllias
  3. have one setup left and i'm not sure of the pendant brand but i think its a Lumen Bright pendant. dimensions are 16" x 16" x 7.5"
  4. I did not QT for the first 12 years in this hobby and then i finally got hit with loosing a tank of fish. had a 400 gallon tank and some of the fish i had for close to 10 years. I think that was worse than money spent on the fish. I lost large mature tangs and a pair of Potters wrasses to name a few. QT is the only way to go IMO/E. I will admit i don't follow hummblefish's recommendations exactly but i do keep them in QT for at least 8 weeks.
  5. I'm not even sure where i got this from but i think it came with some powerheads i bought off RC years ago. I see it's still available for sale online so it still might be a useful product. I'm asking $35 for it or trade for a coral. LPS or SPS
  6. did Mark have a mighty magnet or something else?
  7. agree, mighty magnets is the way to go. great product.
  8. thanks for the tip but i did know that and planned on doing that. I was going to ask what do you know about migrating from Apex classic to the new Apex?
  9. black display setup sold. grey display unit will also come with used PH, ORP and Salinity probes. No guarantee they are good but they currently give good readings. price drop to $150 or make an offer or will consider trading for corals, LPS or SPS.
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