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  1. I run reverse with a bit of overlap. I overlap in the morning for a few hours to help with PH swings. Fuge kicks on about 30-45 minutes before blues are off and run for 1-2 hours after whites are on the next day.
  2. I am not surprised. Rats just destroy everything. I like to think that all living things have a place but I cant really see a benefit for rats.
  3. Hi all, I picked up a used Red Sea max nano. The 18 inch cube one but it did not come with a stand. I don't want to spend $350 on a stand from Red Sea or waterbox. Unfortunately I am having trouble finding one for a 18x18 foot print. Let me know what you have sitting around!
  4. They are pretty simple. You need an 8 pin mini din cable, and the switches or connectors you want to use as well as some solder and a box. The connector pin out is below. 6 7 8 3 4 5 1 2 These were the wire colors for each pin number 1 Pink 2 Red 3 Orange 4 Yellow 5 Green 6 Blue 7 Purple 8 Black Pin 8 is the ground and should be run to one side of each connector/switch you are using. Connect wires 1-6 to the other sides of the /connectors/switches with wire 7 not being used. Once you have everything wired and in a housing, just plugin the connecto
  5. I have one, he has moved a couple of times over the years but has been pretty stationary the last 2 or so. I think he found a spot he like though its on the back corner so I hardly see him unless I go a round the tank. No issues or care requirements that I can tell. He seems pretty hardy and has survived a few fluctuations that killed all my SPS so hardier than those. My clowns never have shown any interest though they have 7+ rainbow nems they live in.
  6. I have picked some up from Terry at Seahorse a couple times in the past. I would give him a call.
  7. Where are you located? I am interested in one of the dosing pumps.
  8. I see the problem, he is only one knuckle deep. That's beginner level picking.
  9. BeardUp

    My new friend

    He looks great. Congrats!
  10. I tried to throw them on Thiniverse but it was not working. I have attached the STLs for the one shown as well as a wider version that I printed first before I realized I could slim it down. Let me know if you need to source files. Apex Breakout Box mini.stl Apex BoB lid mini.stl Apex Breakout Box.stl Apex BOB lid.stl
  11. @Emerald525I have very little experience with cad programs and most of it was on small simple things for 3d printing. I used Sketchup a decade ago to mock up some wood working I was doing. I would probably check that out for the fish room. It has a large build area and tons of options. I remember it being really easy too.
  12. Thanks! The rib rack belongs to some other handy reefer though.
  13. I picked up an apex classic to compare to my reefpi set up the other day and realized I needed a module to connect my float switches for my ATO. I know I can order a break out box for around $35 but I like tinkering and had all the parts on hand except for the mini din. (I know I have some in a box somewhere.) I fired up tinkercad to make a quick box with a sliding lid and 7 6mm holes for the headphone jacks and the din cable. Once that was printed I bridged all the grounds and identified the pins and wires. Then, on to soldering the connections. Last, I attached it to my
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