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  1. I have a 29 with a cracked side and a 10g sump I would be happy if they were not in my back yard. I am not in your zip but about 15 minutes south in Lents. Right off the 205 and Holgate.
  2. This tough guy has survived 2 crashes and a couple of moves. I am not sure I have the heart to cut him up but I do feel bad that he is running interference between softie island and the nems and zoas. Will he just keep growing till he fills up my 40b? What would you all do with him?
  3. I would not suggest parallel since all of the weight would be in the middle of one to maybe 2 joists.
  4. 2nds on the nero 5 if @coyote passes.
  5. Are you just needing someone to put the rock and fish in a cooler, drain the tank and disassemble the plumbing or are you needing someone to take over housing and maintaining the tank? I could probably help with the former.
  6. They got me at the beginning of COVID too. Try Central Welding, https://www.centralwelding.com/ I think they are ~$16 for a 5 lb.
  7. I am glad someone bought this. It was a great deal but I could not find a place for another 40. I was tempted to get rid of my kitchen table for it!
  8. I feel this. I had a heater crack on me. It shorted out and blew the emergency 10a fuse I had on my inkbird. Didn't trip the gfci nor any power strips. I was of course out of town so came home to a tank at 62 degrees. I had thought running 2 heaters (both connected to the inkbird) I was good. Lots of dead SPS said otherwise.
  9. Where are you located? I have a small chunk of GSP you can have. I can also probably shave my rock and give you a little kenya tree as well as a green sinularia. I am in SE PDX in Lents.
  10. Better catch them before you find them in your sump!
  11. Thanks Holly for the amazing corals and your time yesterday and letting me grab a few more then I reserved. The frags look fantastic.
  12. I usually pick up a tube at tap plastics but I am in SE Portland.
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